Doctor Doom Orchestra

Doctor Doom Orchestra

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA
BandRockHip Hop

Exuberance and a polyglot mix of horn-driven ska, hip-hop rhymes, and an old-fashioned guitar solo or two drive this Boston eight-piece formerly known as Doctors of Flight. Now reborn with a darker moniker, but no less upbeat disposition.


Doctor Doom Orchestra (DDO) is an eight piece Hip Hop/Reggae/Rock band out of Boston, Massachusetts. The band first took shape in 2005 at UMass Amherst under the name Covalence. (Lucas Batten, Andrew Simpson, Patrick Hurley, and Pete Doom as a guest vocalist). DDO's metamorphosis continued in 2009 with the Boston based project known as Doctors of Flight (Pete, Jess Markey, Dan Fassett, Andrew, and Luke). At the conclusion of summer 2010 The Doctor Doom Orchestra was born. DDO hit the ground running with the return of Patrick Hurley to guitar and the addition of saxophonist David Pratt and vocalist Andrea Tavares.

DDO’s diverse sound blends several genres including reggae, hip hop, funk, soul, and jazz all over an often heavy rock groove. The drums and bass mix like rebar and concrete providing a solid platform for the guitar's riffs and chops. Adding yet another layer, the horn section’s bright and vibrant sound mixes with the eclectic energetic styling’s of 'Dr. DOOM' himself, Dan Fassett. Beyond instrumental musicianship, DDO offers unique vocals that combine smooth and soulful R & B, raspy rock, and conscious to the point raps.

Their instrumentation & musical arrangements build a mesh of sounds that thrills a wide and varied audience. Indeed, DDO's seemingly effortless genres crossover creates a unique hook that will appeal to any music lover.


Off The Ground EP - 2011