Doctor E

Doctor E


For several years, Elaine Richardson led a turbulent life filled with abusive relationships and dangerous choices. She would have seemed like the last person to become a tenured professor at The Ohio State University, a mentor, songwriter-performer and speaker; but today she is all of that & more.


Dr. E is a multidimensional personality. She is a singer-songwriter whose music has been featured in television shows such as All of My Children, The Young and the Restless, and Dharma and Greg. Her (July 2010) debut rhythm and blues CD Elevated has received critical acclaim. She is a dynamic performer and actress who has wowed audiences in venues from Walt Disney World to the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Her outreach efforts include youth and women's empowerment projects. In addition to awards such as Distinguished Alumni of Cleveland State University, Fulbright Lecturer, and others for her academic scholarship, Dr. E was recently recognized as an outstanding woman of the community by the City of Columbus.

She has shared her story across the country with various audiences acting out the highest and lowest scenes from her life.

Dr. E's story reaches across diverse audiences inciting laughter, tears, song, and reflection; but most of all, her story inspires.

Dr. Elaine Richardson is a graduate of the Cleveland Public Schools. She received her BA and MA in English from Cleveland State University (1991 & 1993). She holds a doctorate in English Composition and Applied Linguistics from Michigan State University (1996). She taught at the University of Minnesota’s General College for two years before joining the English Department faculty at Penn State University, where she taught for nine years before taking her current post as Professor of Literacy Studies in the College of Education at The Ohio State


Elevated (July 2010)