Doctor Explosion
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Doctor Explosion

Oviedo, Asturias, Spain

Oviedo, Asturias, Spain
Band Rock Alternative




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Hablaban con frases hechas - (CD y LP)
Chesterfiel Childish Club - (EP de vinilo de 7 pulgadas)
¡¡Chupa aquí!! - (CD y LP)
Come on shake - (EP de vinilo de 7 pulgadas)
Totus tuus - Grandes éxitos - (2 CDs)
Música grabada, saltos y cánticos - (CD digipack / LP)
Let's go in 69
La chatunga - (CD single)
I try to find - (EP de vinilo de 7 pulgadas)
Viviendo del cuento - (CD / LP de vinilo)
Lows in the mid nineties - (CD y LP)
Girl you won't succeed - (Single de vinilo de 7 pulgadas)
Thunderpussy girl - (Single de vinilo de 7 pulgadas)
The Telstar Sessions - (Single de vinilo de 7 pulgadas)
The subnormal revolution of ... - (CD / LP de vinilo)
A travesty of 60's girl - (Single de vinilo de 7 pulgadas)
Subterfuge Classics - El loco mundo de los jóvenes + Aquellos maravillosos 90 - (2 CDs Digipack)
Maximum rhythm & shit - (EP de vinilo de 7 pulgadas)
Eres feo, chaval - (Single de vinilo de 7 pulgadas)
Rompi la television - (Single de vinilo de 7 pulgadas)
Tired of waiting - (EP de vinilo de 7 pulgadas)
Doctor Explosion - (Single de vinilo)



They’ve been more than 20 years demolishing stages and concert halls, making people go crazy, they’ve kicked the most unsuspected places all around the world. Probably, no other group in Spain can say they have a international career as extensive as Explosion’s. They’ve played a lot all round Europe, in countries like France, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Germany... but they’ve also visited Australia, Russia, the U.S and New Zealand (only Doctor Explosion can say this achievement in Spain). They’ve conquered London (not only playing, they’ve have also recorded several of their cd’s there with Liam Watson, producer os The White Stripes), their cd’s have been published by european and american labels (Get Hip) and they’re published even in Japan. Doctor Explosion have published lots of LP’s, singles, EP’s, a book, many videoclips, and they’ve participated in many compilations and tributes.

They came back, after their last CD “Chupa Aquí!” (2009) (nominated as best alternative rock album), with ‘’Hablaban con frases hechas’’, their new album full of lyrics in Spanish and where you can appreciate their closest influences. They still have the attitude of a garage punk band bu now they also have beat and pop ingluences, giving the album a classic light. They’ve never followed fashion, tendencies or the stablished tipical music genres. As long as you listen the 12 songs of the new album, you find the same self-confidence of the other cd’s and these great lyrics that only DOCTOR EXPLOSION can turn into songs. They repeat at the same analogic recording studio, Circoperrotti in Gijon (Asturias), and the album is produced by Jorge Explosion

“¿Quién quiere lo que tuvo ayer?” (first single of the album, it also has a videoclip), the uncouth one “Autodestrucción”, the garage rock “Te Delatas”, the rock and roll song “No Puedo Reirme”, the punk one “Nada de ti” or “Blue Monday”, a cover of the famous group New Order (with the Explosion sound) make the album becomes vibrating, exciting for your ears. But that’s not all, you have to add the pop part of the cd: “Renacerá” (cover of Los Brincos) and “Nunca estuve allí”, that are the final part of the cd.

Doctor Explosion are full of energy and with a new band that increases the quality of their concerts and recordings and they are going to be in all the Spanish stages once more. Pablo (bass) and Pibli (drums) become the perfect combo with Jorge. With a incredible sound for a trio, they’ll dress again their uniforms and make everybody dance, because DOCTOR EXPLOSION are PURE SHOW !!!