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Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE

Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE
Band R&B Soul




" Editorial Review"

"Prescription For Soul" is rhythm and blues at its best, featuring a blazing 5-piece horn section. DoctorfunK presents some fine original compositions, a few covers, three live performances, impeccable arrangements and fine musicianship in their first release.

Anchoring the CD is a wonderfully crafted tribute to Tower of Power, titled "Livin' in Bump City." Arranger, Jack Halsey melds an original composition with some 30 snippets from Tower of Power's extensive song list.

As well, the CD features an orignal Kupka/Castillo/Holt composition titled "Step Up To The Plate."

In short, if you like horns with your soul music, DoctorfunK does it all in "Prescription For Soul."

" user comment"

Doctorfunk has done a great job of mixing lyrics and hard driving horns. Their tribute song to Tower Of Power is by far the best cut. "Livin' In Bump City" is a classic mix of old school funk and new soul. "Step Up To The Plate" has the sound of a sure hit for this band. You can sure here the influence of Emilio and the Funky Doctor in this outstanding piece of work. Keep up the good work, and get down to the Bay Area for a concert. -

" user comment"

Taken under TOP's wing by "Doc" Krupka's new label "strokeland records", This new young band promises to pick up where Tower leaves off(I know,...Tower of Power are immortals) Anyway, They promise to deliver the Oakland soul without sounding like a TOP cover band. NOT EASY!! My only fear is "Boston syndrome" Like the band "Boston", The first album is so technically, emotionally, and Awe-inspiringly Perfect that Album number 2 will have a hell of a job topping this one. God how I hope I'm wrong. PS, the recording quality on this disc is incredible. -

" user comment"

If your a Tower Of Power fan your going to love this CD. BIG HORN SOUND is the basis of this group, but the rest of the band is right there with them. From fast & fun to heart pulling this CD has it all. My 14, 12, 10 and 6 year old love it as much as me. I just can't wait for them to come to So. California. When we play it for our friends the first thing they say is "Where did you buy this?" and we head to the computer. -

" user comment"

This is the first CD for the Seattle-based group, DoctorfunK. If I may borrow a theme from Track 2, "Step Up To The Plate," they stepped up to the plate and hit a homer in their first at-bat.
This CD thoroughly showcases their considerable talents as a funk-based horns band. The CD features original compositions, a couple of great covers of old songs, some live material, and a cleverly conceived and well-executed tribute to my favorite band, Tower of Power.

My personal favorite is the great funk groove, "Gotta Get Funky." You know how some songs sound contrived and others just flow? This track simply flows, including an exciting saxophone solo on the bridge. "New Red Sleds" is also a driving, funk-based groove that will make you long for more.

This CD has many wonderful flavors to it. For example, the beginning of the track to which I previously alluded, "Step Up To The Plate," actually has traces of Average White Band's sound, at least to my ears. If you are a baseball fan, you will love this tribute to America's pastime. Former Tower of Power member Mic Gillette takes the trombone solo on this track.

DoctorfunK's cover of the Spencer Davis classic, "I'm A Man," will make you sit up and take notice. It is a much slower groove than the original, nevertheless an excellent interpretation that stands on its own! The two live tracks, "It May Be Very Good" and "We Could Make a Cool Hang," are excellent covers of Doc Kupka's 1999 Strokeland Superband CD (The Funky Doctor is Tower of Power's bari saxophonist, in case you didn't know) that are true to the originals. This CD, too, is from Strokeland Records.

I don't like to single out any musician in a review, because it does disservice to the others, but I really like Gary Verrill's work on the B-3 and Angelo Guerrero's lead sax work on this CD. And Fritz Whitney on the bari sax adds dimension, depth, and a funky bottom end to the music.

"Livin' in Bump City" is a tribute to the legendary soul and funk band from Oakland, California--Tower of Power. By my count, there are more than two dozen references to Tower of Power songs on this track, and I noticed in the liner notes that T.o.P.'s current guitarist, Jeff Tamelier, is a guest musician on this track. Former T.o.P. members Greg Adams, Chester Thompson, and Bill Churchville apparently collaborated on this track, as did the great horns arranger, David Eskridge.

This CD also features a stirring version of Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready" that shows that DoctorfunK can be laid back as well as downright funky. To me it is the perfect mix of funk and soul that will leave you thirsting for more. If there is one criticism to be made, I wish their music would have filled the entire 74-minute CD (which is a backdoor compliment, at worst!).

All-in-all, if you are a fan of the funk, if you feign the slightest interest in this kind of music, this CD is mandatory for your collection! I know I will be looking forward to their next release, for sure!


With their first national release,"Prescription for Soul." on the Oakland-based label, Strokeland Records, DoctorfunK joins other standouts such as Glenn Waters and Fred Ross, as well as Doc Kupka's own Strokeland Superband.

"Prescription for Soul." contains sophisticated arrangements handled by a seasoned, tight, five piece horn ensemble, with powerful vocals and an extremely well "greased" rhythm section. All combine to deliver the deepest of grooves and smoothest of ballads.

DoctorfunK is poised for a place in all of our CD collections of the finest in soul and funk music. Listen for them on your local radio stations and watch for upcoming performances in your area as well.

Old School in the New Millennium is here to stay. So if music is your medicine, make an appointment with DoctorfunK for your "Prescription for Soul."



From the Northwest United States, a region long known for producing energetic and fresh musical talent, blazes the Emerald City's latest sensation. Seattle's own DoctorfunK.

DoctorfunK was established in 1995 and has set the standard for new soul music in the Pacific Northwest. Echoing the legendary passion of famed horn band Tower of Power and that "Bay Area Sound," this 10-piece ensemble has maintained the tradition and more.