Doctor Mongo & Harry Harpoon

Doctor Mongo & Harry Harpoon


We play original and often humorous songs in a blues acoustic duo format, featuring harmonica, slide guitar and standard guitar accompaniment. Combine the music with an energetic stage show and you've got the Extreme Proximal Delta Blues!


Doctor Mongo and Harry Harpoon started playing together over twenty years ago but they just started travelling and working together during the past two years. Both began playing in the 1960's in Southern California and have performed coast to coast and border to border, backing acts like Big Joe Turner (Harry) and opening for the John Mayall band (Doc). We have started to travel in support of three self-produced CD's beginning in July, 2006.
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Doctor Mongo: Perfect Bedlam: The Spirit of 1834(1997); Grease & Smoke (2006); Fire in the Hole! (2006, with Harry Harpoon)
Harry Harpoon: Live from the Crazy Horse (1985); Rendezvous (1987); Crude but Effective (1989); Sufferin' Right Along (1990); Sorry I Missed You (2001); Fire in the Hole! (2006, with Doctor Mongo); Fish or Cut Bait (2006)
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Set List

There is no set list. We feature our original songs and mix them with traditional blues which are arranged to our taste and playing style. There is no set length. We know hundreds of songs and can play for hours and days without repeating any material. In addition to a vast repertoire of blues, we also do folk songs dating back to the 17th Century, sea chanteys, Hawaiian and Carribbean Island styles, traditional American music ranging from Stephen Foster to the Kingston Trio, Jazz Standards, Western Swing, Gospel, and acoustic Rock "N" Roll from the 50's & 60's. Basically, we adjust set content and length to the venue.