Doctor Oscify

Doctor Oscify

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Doctor Oscify is a rapper, producer, instrumentalist, & joketeller with a stellar backing band hailing from Denver Colorado. His sixth release, "Breathe Easy Soon" dropped July 2009


For over ten years, vocalist and producer Leo Fairbanks has dabbled across musical genres, from hip-hop, to punk rock and folk, to roots reggea and neo-soul. Building a dedicated fanbase through his six studio released albums, numerous cameo appearances, and a stage show legendary for outrageous moments and live renditions of your favorite songs.


Doctor Oscify - "Breathe Easy Soon" - 2009

Doctor Oscify - "Self Portrait in Progress"
Spruce Goose Records, 2008

Doctor Oscify - "The Sick Physician"
Spruce Goose Records, 2007

Doctor Oscify - "Why I Can't Stop"
Spruce Goose Records - 2006

Versify - "Ulliversal and Doctor Oscify are..."
New Ground Collabo - 2006

Doctor Oscify - "Prescription Grade Hip-Hop"
Spruce Goose Records - 2005

Doctor Oscify - "Burn This LP" - 2004

Doctor Oscify - "Time to Operate"
Peachy Kean Records - 2003

Set List

Our typical performance ranges between 45 minutes and an hour and a half. We do original songs from our own catalog, and we generally do a cover or two that could be anything from a Beatles song to something by Norah Jones or Outkast.