Doctor Robert

Doctor Robert

 Crested Butte, Colorado, USA

Doctor Robert began with a shared passion for playing live music, and love of the timeless songs of The Beatles. Diverse audiences have responded amazingly to the youthful energy, modern sound and great respect Doctor Robert brings to the interpretations of over 90 songs from The Beatles' catalog.


Doctor Robert is a new-generation of The Beatles Tribute Bands. Dressed in “Ed Sulllivan”-style suits (and a black mod-style dress), Casey Falter, Karen Janssen, Kevin Reinert and Ben Wright bring great enthusiasm and a fresh sound to the classic music and genius of the Beatles.

With a current repertoire of over 90 songs from the entire catalog of The Beatles, Doctor Robert spices it up for audiences by changing the song list for each performance with sets that are customized for dancing or listening. Audiences have been quick to point out how much respect Doctor Robert brings to the music of The Beatles, as well as how infectious their energy is during performances!

The Beatles wrote the most impacting collection of music in the history of rock and roll. With over 200 songs written and recorded, their extensive, far-reaching influence is undeniable. The members of Doctor Robert come from musical backgrounds covering everything from jazz to bluegrass to funk to classical; and their diverse musical tastes and experiences combine to inspire their interpretations of The Beatles’ music.

"It has been inspiring to watch people of all ages and backgrounds at our shows, singing and dancing to familiar songs they love. You know you've 'struck the right chord' when grandmas and grandpas are kicking up their heels right next to groups of jumping toddlers, or when the serious guy at the back table starts to smile and sing along. We feel strongly about keeping the spirit of such wonderful music alive."

Whether the event is a wedding, private party, bar gig, or outdoor festival, it's great fun with Doctor Robert on the stage.

Set List

1. And Your Bird Can Sing
2. Baby You’re a Rich Man
3. Birthday
4. Can’t Buy Me Love
5. Come Together
6. Day Tripper
7. Doctor Robert
8. Drive My Car
9. Fixing a Hole
10. Get Back
11. Getting Better
12. Good Day Sunshine
13. Got To Get You Into My Life
14. A Hard day’s Night
15. Hello Goodbye
16. I Feel Fine
17. I Saw Her Standing There
18. I Want To Hold Your Hand
19. I Want To Tell You
20. Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey
21. Lady Madonna
22. Martha My Dear
23. Mean Mr. Mustard
24. Polythene Pam
25. She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
26. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
27. Octopus's Garden
28. One After 909
29. Paper Back Writer
30. Penny Lane
31. Taxman
32. With a Little Help from My Friends
33. The Word
34. Back in the USSR
35. Dear Prudence
36. Glass Onion
37. Wild Honey Pie
38. Bungalow Bill
39. While My Guitar Weeps
40. Happiness is a Warm Gun
41. I’m So Tired
42. Eight Days a Week
43. What Goes On
44. You Can’t Do That
45. Love M