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"Doctor Rosen Rosen Eat Pray Fuck+Weekends"

Now, I don't usually fall for male pop acts. Its a quirk but its true. They've got to be very unique to arouse my aural pleasure points. Doctor Rosen Rosen does that quite well. He combines the sounds of Simon Curtis, Juvelen, Erasure, Yazoo, Pet Shop Boys and a whole lot of INXS! Take Weekends for example. It reminds me somewhat of Eric Serra and Dave Balls glorious baselines he produced while in Soft Cell. I can't quite figure out who he is trying to seduce but he wonderfully mentions a boy only to coquettishly affirm he's seen the future and "she tastes much better than you". Yummy work of metonymy there. Yes, his track Weekends is quite epic in a Blade Runner sort of way. Its rather fabulous that Doctor Rosen Rosen has allowed Dontstopthepop a perfectly legitimate download of the song.

Actually not one but two! The second song up for grabs today is the gloriously titled Eat, Pray Fuck! which is sadly a song that will never be accepted in Eurovision Song Contest. But, actually despite its harshness its beautifully soft behind its austere front. It is loaded with two life-stories much in the same way Robyn's Don't Stop The Music was however Doctor Rosen Rosen dispels any silver-lining and fires shot of absurd realism. Its moody but not too dark to qualify as another electoclash melancholic monologue we've already heard aplenty in the form of Fisherspooner records. No, Eat, Pray Fuck refrains from placing Doctor Rosen Rosen into that particular genre although I can understand why some would want to label the singer in amongst the same performers.

So, there you have it! A male popstar in the making that refrains from producing music that isn't just "me me me" and doesn't screech like he's an Australian wombat being roughly fingered by a Tasmanian devil on LSD (has anyone heard Darren Hayes). Its an odd name. Doctor Rosen Rosen. Not a dedication to the medical historian of the same name. I'd like to know why he came up with the name. If he's a singing doctor could he be the first of his kind in the world of pop? If so, how wonderful! I wonder if he has a good bed-side manner? Seriously though, please check out his myspace. Check out Lessons on the player-it is stunning. - DON'T STOP THE POP

"Ambien vs Ambient"

Doctor Rosen Rosen is a Brooklyn based singer/producer whose style reminds me of a Mike Patton-ish groove. I jumped over to his myspace, and sure enough, he is self-desctribed as a Patton-esque sound/performer as well.

Great minds DO think alike. Rock!

DRR was kind enough to get in contact with me earlier this week and invite me to come see his next performance. Before accepting the welcomed and appreciated invitation, I had to give my ears an appetizer as to what I could be in store for hearing.

I was pleasantly surprised, as with having nothing to judge this innovative artist on, no prejedgements could be made. The sound is very ambient (see thats where the post title comes...lame medicinal term as compared to an all encompassing with it). It's ever present and heart pulsing without grating on a nerve.

After listening to all tracks of his available, I became super psyched to hit up his show next week. Apparently, he commands an army of microphones, keyboards, and turntables on stage all to the backdrop of a mesmerizing light show.

You had me at light show. - Sheena Beaston

"Doctor Rosen Rosen~ Da Doctor of Dirty Pop?"

by Shercole King

Alternative pop at its best is Doctor Rosen Rosen. At the first time listening, I fell in love. My favorite songs so far are “Weekends”, “Eat, Pray F***”. “Champion” is a song you definitely need to take a moment and listen to because its just so real. This is one artist that I can say is destined for great things straight from Brooklyn, He accredits his music to pop, electro, and Hip Hop; with influences from Prince, Ani Di Franco, to R. Kelly.

Doctor Rosen Rosen use a truly great combo of different styles and music to create a unique sound to appeal to diverse audience. He gives us a raw emotion that feels real and relates to what you may be thinking. I like that he just basically comes out and say what he feels and not afraid to express. Give Doctor Rosen Rosen a try!!!
- Minority Weirdos


CHAMPION EP 2007 by Doctor Rosen Rosen (The New Division)

I'm in China 7" 2006 by The Handsome Public (Nan-C-Records)



Doctor Rosen Rosen is a Brooklyn based singer/producer/performer whose innovative craftsmanship combines punchy g-funk style beats and dramatic melodies. Anchored by a soulful voice and forthright lyrics, this rogue-pop style is simultaneously reminiscent of Snoop Dog, Mike Patton, and Prince.

Live on stage, Doctor Rosen Rosen commands an electronic army of microphones, keyboards, turntables, and lights into one of the most engaging shows going- seducing audiences with his original rogue-pop sound experience.

For fans of: pop, hip-hop, alternative, electro, indie, dance