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"Doctor Salty Oct. 2 @ Arizona's"

Thursday night I saw Doctor Salty at Arizona's in Shakopee. Doctor Salty is new band to the local music scene, and this was their first live gig! I am sure there were some first show nerves, but they definitely did not show them.

Doctor Salty consists of Steve Carlson (Guitar), Dave Carlson (Guitar), Bryce Jasper (Vocals), Paul Groethe (Drums), and Beau Jeffrey (Bass). Now most of you know Dave and Steve from The Mason Dixons, but I must say that this side of them is a perfect fit. Doctor Salty has a mix of music from The Beatles, to AC/DC, even a mix of some old classics, and of course their originals. They have a great mix of music that is sure to get your feet tappin' and wanting to get out on the dance floor. Their main genre is rock, and they definitely shine in that department.

Steve is an amazing solo guitarist, with riffs that amaze me. He also has such a performance side to him that he can keep you focused throughout the entire show! He is a firecracker on stage, that is a must see!

Dave is not only a talented guitar player, but he has a fabulous vocal. I love listening to his voice, because it is something you would not expect from him. He can really bring you in with his voice.

Bryce is a fantastic lead vocal. His voice is very strong, and developed. He is a performer to the core. It is hard for someone to outshine Steve at times, but Bryce can do just that. He can captivate the audience and has a great interaction with them. He knows how to get your attention and keep it.

Beau has a pure talent on that bass. It is hard for me to judge bass players, but he seemed to rock it in my opinion. I wish I was able to see him interact a bit more, but that is something that will come with more performances.

Paul can beat the heck out of those drums. I love watching a drummer that really gets into it. He is into the music, which is always cool to see!

Doctor Salty put on a fabulous show that kept me wanting more. It was great to hear the songs that they played, because you just don't hear them anymore. They are songs that make you go, oh I remember that song, or I wish I heard that song more, and even I am so glad they do this song, I love this one! I enjoyed every song they played, and it is about time a band played these songs, so THANK YOU!!

I highly recommend seeing Doctor Salty! They are a high energy rock band that mixes a bit of country, soul, and blues. Make sure to check out their website and check out a show soon!!

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What You Want - Recorded 2008
Devil's Red Light - Recorded 2008
Where Have You Been - Recorded 2008



Doctor Salty is the product of versatile vocalist Bryce Jasper and the guitar duo of brothers Steve
and Dave Carlson. Bryce and the Carlson brothers have been working together professionally
since 2005, and have always talked about putting together a driven, hard-working group that
plays high energy, American Rock 'n' Roll. That band is Doctor Salty.
The band, glued together by the rhythm section of Paul Grothe (drums) and Jeff Paulus (bass
guitar), is focused on writing original material but also plays a wide collection of popular rock
music. Their enormous amount of energy on stage is sure to captivate the audience.
Doctor Salty plays a brand of music the likes of which haven't been seen since the days of AC/DC, Aerosmith, Van Halen. It is a guitar and melody driven style that derives its sound from the birthplace of all great modern music -- the blues. While remnants of these greats can be heard in their sound, Doctor Salty brings a new burst of energy to the music and throws their own twist into the style.
Members of Doctor Salty have played with groups such as Lemon Jefferson, The Mason Dixons,
StacyK and the GrooveStains, and Billboard recording artist The J Project.
Doctor Salty is on their way to becoming one of the hottest young Rock n Roll bands in the