Doctor Staupinsky

Doctor Staupinsky


Pure,riff-driven organic RRROCK with a singer between Coverdale and Cornell,pumping bass'n drums and songs that spice up your Stereo - AC/DC will soon retire,METALLICA lost themselves - it's time for DOCTOR STAUPINSKY!!!



DOCTOR STAUPINSKY …..........Today no one knows exactly who he is, who he was…and where he has lived…almost no traces survived the chaos of history…Did he ever live?...Or does he only exist in our imagination…?

But lately, rumours have been spread… DOCTOR STAUPINSKY
walks among us, the legend seems to be no longer a legend…he or what ever it is lives…be prepared…be warned…


What influences DOCTOR STAUPINSKY ?

First of all you might wanna hear about musical influences of course…
Those reach from the legends of the 70’s and the 80’s to the heroes of the 90’s and the new wild bunch of Rock…

To name a few of them:


Lately, bands like BLACK STONE CHERRY , SHINEDOWN and swedish Rockers MUSTASCH can be heard in DOCTOR STAUPINSKY ’s brain surgery-room…

...but those names give only a little insight into what influences this band…it’s much more…

Life and all it’s ups and downs, love, loss, joy, hate – it’s friendship and brotherhood, it’s women and sex’n beers’n whiskey…’s movies, good food,...’s driving up and down the highway, speed and freedom…

and even much much more than that…

It’s the world around us, the people around us, our fans that support us…

cheers’n RRRRRRRRRROCK !!!



Written By: Steffensky

Come along come along
oh how I miss your smiling eyes
and I know what is wrong
is that I still can hear your secret cries
I´ve been there and aware
I should have talked to you back then
but finally it´s plain to see
you stood up for yourself
and that´s only meant to be

Can you feel it it´s a new day rising
no hesitations cause I really wanna go
you only fool yourself with compromises
you were wandering the old ways long enough

now I know it still shows
there was no other way for us
now i know it stills shows
i was crouching and winding and stealing myself away
i don´t care
what you think is wrong; but it is also true
i won´t ever stop regretting
the things i did, it´s overdue


i wanna meet you in the end
on a frozen lake
float around fall into trance
i´m gonna take you
all of you...


The Uninvited Guest

Written By: Steffensky

so now you´re here again
i wasn´t wondering where you´ve been that long
i got to say I wasn´t looking for you at all
how did you find me, how did you get in?

for some time,i thought got you down
you gotta leave the sooner the better
well now you´re here so take a seat and watch me
I´m gonna let you drown
for real
last time i thought i got rid of you
but then again it´s you i´m going through
you´re my past and you don´t last
you´re the uninvited guest

i had it comin it all went too well
til you showed up and tried to break the spell
but i´m hardheaded i just follow the trail
despite your steady stitches i know i just can´t fail
i am on fire i continue to burn
i´m good without you but i´m afraid you´ll return
like you did before
last time i thought i got rid of you
this time it´s you i´m going through
here´s my past and you don´t last
you´re the uninvited guest

you ´re the emptiness inside
you sabotage my pride
you´re the
trying to get me down

last time...
this time...
you´re the stranger the lier
.you´re the painless denial
and I´m cutting the wire
you won´t get me down


Written By: Steffensky

feed the idiots with your rotten meat
build the robots to control our needs
seed the hatred and burn all the weeds
there are still far too many staring at their feet

do you still obey, trust in fair play?
only knowing is worth its price
and candy, nights, suicides…

So get over it denying on and on
my anger is growing but my confusions gone long gone
get over it you aren´t on the run
don´t ignore when you have already won

you have left your prison, look around
and tell me if your freedom gets you down
you´re not one of them you are unbound
you´re undemanding but safe and sound



Written By: Steffensky

Tonight I´m rolling fast and I ain´t gonna stop til I set you on fire
Right time right place just set the pace
Hunting for the serious case
And you are just igniting my desires

You´re glowing showing off you´re taking it too far now
And I make myself a promise anyhow

No matter why, no second try
Til I saw you I spent my time catching flies
It´s just my aim, I´ve gone insane
I´m gonna keep you satisfied

Tonight I wonder why I tried to do it right in the first place
In my own maze
It´s no mystery just history
You haven´t had a bit of me
You´re shining
And the lights reflect your icy grace

You´re wasted i taste it
It´s getting hard to trace it, the demons that are eating you from deep inside
I´m pleased by your teasing
I´m not yet done easing you oh no I´ve only just begun...


I´m not afraid being too late
I´m gonna keep you satisfied I take the bait
Set it in stone
Back to the bone
Reset your head and let me save your soul



DOCTOR STAUPINSKY EP (published 18th of April 2009)

Produced & Recorded by Doctor Staupinsky at ID-Studios, Freiburg
Mixed by Henning Hellfeld at ID-Studios, Freiburg
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling-Sound, NY


1. The Uninvited Guest 4:46
2. Candynightsuicides 3:11
3. Overdue 4:44
4. Devil Child 3:58
5. Satisfire 4:33

Set List

A typical DOCTOR STAUPINSKY Setlist consists of original tunes by DOCTOR STAUPINSKY. Sometimes, one or two covers can be added.
The current Set has a duration of 45-50 minutes:

1. The Uninvited Guest
2. CandyNightSuicides
3. Simple Life
4. Devil Child
5. Bed & Breakfast
6. Since I've been loving you (LED ZEPPELIN Cover)
7. Split
8. Dead End
9. Overdue
10. Satisfire

The Set can be expanded by more covers from such bands as LED ZEPPELIN, DEEP PURPLE, METALLICA, AC/DC, SHINEDOWN, OZZY etc...
But in the near future,more originals will follow, so covers will always be reduced to one or two as mentioned before...