Doctor Tank

Doctor Tank

 Troy, Alabama, USA

Doctor Tank is like witnessing robots battling unicorns in an eternal, futuristic space drama that you never want to end because you're a part of it in all is epic glory... and you love it. So, when your fire-hearted spirit calls you back to that dreamworld, you'll return for a new adventure.


This is Doctor Tank: a brand-spankin' new band from Mobile Alabama. This Power-Trio (Guitar, Bass, Drums) of rockers combine the harmonic layering feel of Indie and Jazz music mixed in with the driving attack of Hardcore Punk and Metal, kinda like a mixed salad of badass. The vocals in the band is a group effort, with all three members of Doctor Tank singing, harmonizing, and screaming. All this with poetically lyrical overtones of fantasy to take you away to a Rocktopia of Space-Travelers drop-kicking Unicorns with Robot lasers. Awesome.

Doctor Tank plays almost exclusively originals with a current set time of about an hour, consisting of 9 (and growing) originals and 3 adaptations. At the moment an unprofessional rough demo of 5 original songs from Doctor Tank (see packaging) is recorded in CD format and online at:

Doctor Tank is the tri-force of: Paul Melancon(Bass/Vocals), his older brother Joseph Melancon (Drums/Vocals), and Matthew Crompton(Guitar/Vocals). All classically trained musicians, the three friends decided to create a unique rock band experience together. Drawing from a slew of musical influence from experimental bands to video game music, Doctor Tank put their skills to good use creating exciting music branching over many sub genres.


Songs streaming on myspace and revernation:

Red Snow
Professor Light's Amazing Astro-Laboratory
Hazard Forest Hymn