Doctor Walken

Doctor Walken


What drives Doctor Walken as a band is their appreciation of all areas of life; Good and bad. Doctor Walken's musical diversity shines through every luring, moody, and touching song! Invest your time in this performing act and you will witness first hand the ever evolving band that is Doctor Walken


Doctor Walken owes a lot to a number of different projects and musical tastes that have accumulated over the years. Influences range from almost every area of music. The idea for project "doctor walken" was for singer/songwriter Carlos Gonzalez to record and release a semi-professional demo/album. From September 2005 to February 2006 "Ghost Town" was in the works. During recording Carlos' neighbor and friend Fabian Alonso joined the band and added his own flare. After a few months of practicing the "Ghost Town" demo (February 2006 release) Doctor Walken acquired a drummer: Jaime Serrano who was also in a previous band with Fabian. After a few band member changes in the past Doctor Walken once again acquired an additional new bandmate, Luis Mayorga on Bass Guitar.
The thing that drives Doctor Walken as a band is their appreciation of all spectrums of music and art, and feeling that it's time for a change in music. Whether it be from the band Doctor Walken or a handful of other performing acts DW is here to open eyes and ears with the few that dare to go against the flow! To date everyone is happy and playing harder than ever to bring Doctor Walken to stage! ... not in a musical type of way, hehe.


The Phantom Odalisque

Written By: Carlos J Gonzalez

You're giving yourself to all the lonely men, and they call you their little whore. Giving them pleasures for currency.
And if it takes ten times to die from disease and a little cry. Send your children away to play with the devil!


1. Ghost Town "LP" (2006)
1. Introduction
2. Beaumonde
3. Make Amends Marilyn
4. The Phantom Odalisque
5. Garden of Debridement
6. Nice Move, Cowboy
7. Gunned Down Within Earshot
8. Macabre Shadowbox Dance
9. Una Buga Veniale (A White Lie)
10. The Marionette Lives!

2. Doctor Walken "EP" (2007)
1. Blessed Mother of Regret (Intro)
2. The Marionette Lives!
3. Macabre Shadowbox Dance
4. Una Buga Veniale (A White Lie)
5. The Phantom Odalisque
6. Beaumonde

3. The Empty Vase "Single" (2007)
1. The Empty Vase
2. Make Amends Marilyn
3. Rhapsody

4. Untitled Album (2008) Coming Soon!!!

Set List

Subject to Change: 45 min-1 hour setlist including 2 covers:

1. Blessed Mother of Regret (Intro Instrumental)
2. The Phantom Odalisque
3. Macabre Shadowbox Dance
4. Transmission by Joy Division (cover)
5. Make Amends Marilyn
6. Beaumonde
7. Black Violets
8. Still Ill by The Smiths (cover)
9. Age of Innocence
10. The Empty Vase
11. Gunned Down Within Earshot
12. The Marionette Lives!
13. Una Buga Veniale (A White Lie)
14. Gypsy