Doc Wheat

Doc Wheat

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Doc Wheat blurs southern roots rock with pop sensibility and a strong country heritage. Call us triple-A, Americana, or any other label--we'd be glad to break those rules too.


Despite its alternative nature, Americana music today varies greatly from its roots. Even defining what the “roots” of Americana are is troublesome but if you asked the members of Doc Wheat you’d probably find they all share a point of view common among those who have been involved with the genre for any length of time: the turning point was the early 1990s when a band called Uncle Tupelo unintentionally infused the punk rock they wanted to be with the laid back twang of their midwestern backgrounds. Doc Wheat is a living branch on the tree that grew from those humble roots.

As expected with such influences, Doc Wheat wields pop sensibilities with punk angst and southern grace–a keen balance of their collective pasts. Guitarist Don Bealle is a native of Mississippi and travelled veteran of many popular rock and country bands. Bassist-songwriter Jim Davis is a product of the Philly area and the burgeoning alternative scene of the late 80s and 90s. Singer-songwriter Todd Smith grew up in Indiana beneath the mythical shadows of John Hiatt and John Mellencamp whose roots-rock sound also overpowered the nearby Uncle Tupelo. Tim Wester is a Jacksonville native who’s powerful drumming style born of his punk rock background provides the anchor for the Doc Wheat sound.

Set List

Typical set is one hour consisting mainly of originals and perhaps a choice cover.

Geek in Me
Laurel Lynn
About Your Momma
John the Conqueror
What I Came To Do (Tulsa)
Radio Song
Coming Home
Satan's Eye
My Intentions