dodging August

dodging August


rock / pop-punk / emo / alternative Style similar to: Jimmy Eat World, New Found Glory, Midtown, Saves The Day, Fall Out Boy


"Creating... Goodbye", Part I of the newest EP from dodging August is scheduled for release in early 2007.

dodging August demands your attention with their pop, power-rock sound and energetic performances and laces it together with thought provoking lyrics. Many claim that dodging August has a similar feel to national bands such as 'Jimmy Eat World', ‘New Found Glory’, or even ‘Fall Out Boy’.

Each of the four takes great strides to create and polish their music into maturity, but never to sacrifice the pure adolescence of rock and roll. Dedicated hard work, perseverance and a good chin are qualities they pride themselves in and believe these have made this group successful in gaining momentum.

The band attributes the success of their live shows to keeping the goal simple: capture the crowd and leave them wanting more. Whether you are up front or in the back of the room, they want you to see and feel the energy from the stage.

dodging August loves to perform and create great music and it is revealed in their pop-punk-rock style. They concentrate on providing an exciting element to the music and it makes this band an experience you don’t want to miss.


So Elegant Your Kiss

Written By: Andrew Gides

So Elegant Your Kiss
©2006 - Gides

So let’s get this straight- First thing’s first.
How I’ve felt the skin on my tongue dance around your mouth in my thoughts.
But now it’s too late. It’s too late. You want to know what’s worse?
It’s when you’re not helping it, and you’re not helping.

I’ll wait right here for Saturday.
Are you back to fix it? I want to keep you right here, Angel.
From where I’m begging you to give up some freedom.
Just hold the line and hold your breath until I’m free.
Then, Sweetheart get me high elegantly.

So, feel my pain. And this isn’t helping. It's when I sit around
my house pretending to be timeless and it doesn’t work.
You want to know what’s worse? When I can't fix this.
It’s when you’re not helping it, and you’re not helping.

Now, I’m holding on. Yeah, I’m holding on.
The clock sweeps endless circles.
Microphones pick up these marching songs, but I’m holding on.
And I can’t fix it. And you’re not helping it.
And I can’t fix it.

Right Coast Overflow

Written By: Andrew Gides

Right Coast Overflow
©2006 - Gides

As tonight is born it’s warm. Sea salt is stuck in my throat.
Just for the record, Peacefulness will approach the right coast.
And I can’t believe I’ve let my heart consume the most of me.
The thought is beyond my control. Self-destruction comes naturally.

And if only you could see these stars tonight, because their falling from the sky,
I would find me the prettiest to rename Laura and I.

My sweet decadence, I don’t deserve you. But hold on…
Because I love this dream. So, how do I make it yours to rely on? Right on.
Some things in life were never right. And now you and I...? I’ll never understand.

And the devil’s in the details. I’m so planning out
the right things to say, but will she consider it?
And I can’t believe I’ve let my heart consume the most of me.
But you have no idea what I’d do to hold the hand that’s holding you.


Written By: Andrew Gides

©2005 - Gides

Day too is gone. I’ve felt it slip underneath me.
Believe me, I’ll waste time away; don’t stand too close.
Then, I waited up, late enough to feel the stars bleed.
Beside me; they’ve found me.

Then I listened up,
and it's close enough to hear our hearts’ beats and crickets’ breaths beneath me.
And it filled me up. I sucked down the fresh breeze
inside of me, then I licked my lips until I woke up.

Can I feel you breathe? Can I push you straight through me?
When we’re out through curfew every night. Until the sky is blue,
but there's red in your eyes and I, firefly.

So that morning came and the day broke without you.
I’m alone. Reenie and Gilly stay at home. But now Fall has come for the three of us.
Now, our paths’ cross too occasionally.
Realistically, I've been falling down, but she’s spinning above.


Creating... Goodbye - 2007 Part One

"Creating...Goodbye", Part One of the new EP from dodging August, is scheduled to be released in early 2007 by independent Rent-Free.
Songs available to listen at:
*Innovation Studios - Mike Ofca , Stubenville, OH
*Produced by dodging August and Mike Ofca

B R O A D C A S T - October 22nd, 2005
11 song album - independent release
*Sound Shack and Dark Horse - Chris Utley
Nashville, TN
Produced by dodging August and Chris Utley

Set List

"Creating Goodbye" - Part One:

To The Media
So Elegant Your Kiss
Right Coast Overflow
Saving Grace
Your Ordinary Heart


Song For Sarah
Far From Here (Brian's Song)
Too Much Too Miss Now
These Angels
In Short Form
The Taste
Who's Forgotten All Your Dreams?
The Wait


*Stupid Kid- Alkaline Trio
*My Hero - Foo Fighters
*Praise Chorus - Jimmy Eat World
*My Name is Jonas - Weezer
*Brain Stew - Green Day
*Basketcase - Green Day
*Sedated - The Ramones
*Damnit - Blink 182
*You Might Think - The Cars
*Molly - Sponge