Dodgy Mary

Dodgy Mary


An edgy mix of traditional Irish, rock, punk and American roots music.


Dodgy Mary is a group of Chicago musicians who share a love of traditional Irish, rock, punk and American roots music who have taken it upon themselves to reinterpret and reinvent their favorite songs in order to create a widely disparate repertoire spanning oceans, cultures, and generations. This particular brand of madness has resulted in three raucous hours of jigs, reels, anthems, ballads, and a compelling narrative of work, whiskey, conflict, whiskey, protest, whiskey, and the pervasive wanderlust and search for place that, in Dodgy Mary's opinion, represents the best of Irish folk, rock, and Americana.

Set List

3 hour set covering a range of songs by Steve Earle, the Pogues, Waterboys, the Clash, Thin Lizzy, New Order and even a little John Denver thrown in for good measure. We also play an array of traditional Irish jigs, reels, ballads and other folk tunes.