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This band has not uploaded any videos



"" a mix between Elliott Smith and One line drawing.""

“Meric Long got the crowed settled in with his benevolent brand of folk with a pleasant electronic background, like a mix between Elliott Smith and One line drawing. This is only in that, like Elliott Smith, Long’s guitar work is very dynamic and precise and his vocals are tender, but with a hint of desperation always leaving you to wonder what happens next, like a perpetual musical cliffhanger.” - Noise Pop

""... pretty much as lush as the singer/songwriter thing gets...""

"We might stretch comparisons to Elliott Smith or Simon and Garfunkel when we hear such impeccable guitar work and such longing, tender lyrics. Pretty much as lush as the singer-songwriter thing gets. A rarity at the local level, even in a talent-rich city like San Francisco. We'll just say that Meric Long will soon be on his way." - The Glut

""...melodies as gorgeous as anything Crosby, Stills & Nash ever put together...""

"...there is absolutely no doubt that this kid is the real deal. Almost a TWEEDY-like voice mixed with melodies as gorgeous as anything CROSBY, STILLS & NASH ever put together, this one immediately feels familiar."

- Future Sounds

""...Fahey-like modal drone...""

“Dodo Bird’s Meric Long writes the kind of folk tunes that eschew virtuosity and excessive influence-dropping in favor of clear, compelling storytelling. Without a whiff of pretense, San Francisco’s Long digitally tinkers with the folk idiom just enough to sound relevant in an era of Conor Oberst and Sufjan Stevens – while never failing to use his songs as open-throated explorations of his own soul. With the addition of drummer Logan Kroeber, Long’s compositions have been freed up, adapting an almost Fahey-like modal drone on the recent Beware the Maniacs.” Denver Onion - Denver Onion

""...the bill’s unsigned band—could be the trigger puller...""

"... But Dodo Bird – the bill’s unsigned band—could be the trigger puller here, big rock ‘n’ roll movement and changes successfully managed with percussion, massive acoustic patterns and slight electronic augmenting." - Chapel Hill Independent

"" Nick Drake and Tyrannosaurus Rex-period Marc Bolan.""

"The armchair reference fans first recognize in Long is the early bedroom recordings of Elliot Smith, but the looping current of finger-picked patterns and melodic instincts more acutely evoke Brit songwriters like Nick Drake and Tyrannosaurus Rex-period Marc Bolan. The sound isn't far removed from our city's freak folk du jour, but Long's breathy vocal lines and Kroeber's accents are sparer, less stylized, and not exclusive to backward-looking affectation." Nate Cavallieri-SF Weekly - SF Weekly

""...recommended for fans of Iron & Wine, Kings Of Convenience and Elliott Smith.”"

“…easy going, engaging tradition of Simon And Garfunkel, Astrud Gilberto, and definitely recommended for fans of Iron & Wine, Kings Of Convenience and Elliott Smith.” Aquarius Records - Aquarius Records


Meric Long EP (released March 2006)
Beware of the Maniacs (released July 2006)



Dodo bird's sound is shaped by the marriage of two periods in songwriter Meric Long's musical history: playing in rock/metal bands growing up in the suburbs, and playing and listening to old delta blues records in his post adolescent years. In the fall of 2002, Meric opened up for country blues guitarist Paul Curreri, who turned him on to the country blues style of finger-picking guitar, via Mississippi John Hurt, Leadbelly, and later John Fahey. Meric adopted this style of guitar into his repetoire, meshing it with noise, electronic sounds, and loops that he had developed in his earlier days. In order to add syncopated percussion to accent the rythmic patterns in his fingerpicking, Meric began playing with Logan Kroeber in the fall of 2005, whose background in Santa Cruz heavy metal band Entragian made for a perfect fit.