Dodo Reale

Dodo Reale


Dodo Reale is an afroindiepop duo blending music from Brazil, Africa and Europe.Samba and pop, afrobeat and folk. Recently formed, in less than one year we scored more than 100 gigs.Our first album, recorded in Angola, was presented in the presence of Ana Paula Dos Santos, the Angolan First Lady.


Dodo lived in Africa, Angola, for five years. That's where his mestiço soul comes from, and also the magical protection and inspiration of the Dodo! Patty has been playing in notable Afrobrazilian orchestras and bands during the last ten years. You won't find anywhere else a duo able to mix up so many different colours and traditions altogether!
Influences? Salif Keita, Caetano Veloso, Bob Marley, Fabrizio De Andrè, David Byrne, Manuchao, Cesaria Evora, Nick Cave, Ivano Fossati, Brian Wilson, Chico Buarque, Prince, John Lennon...


Les Nations Unies

Written By: Dodo Reale

Its' in linguamista, so ...think various languages together, and just follow the flow.

Basically the song's about this: the United Nations functionaries discuss poverty while they wait for their beefsteaks.

If you're interested, surf the web and very much likely you'll find lyrics and translation! ;-)

A dançar

Written By: Dodo Reale

Berimbau and violin together, the voice of saudade and the songwriter's own voice, an African chorus in Ombundo (African language from Angola), and the sea.

Life's asking us for a dance, one more time.

Caixinha de surpresas (o trem)

Written By: Dodo Reale

In Portuguese: "The train goes, the train departs, the train goes, it goes well".

The train of a lady pussycat, who never purred for you, the train of that beautiful mulatta? Or is it the song about something else?

Our French friend says it's about nothing, in the end.

O conto do sal

Written By: Dodo Reale

Translated from the Portuguese language: “this is the story about The Oceans, when they were fresh water”.

Irina Vasconcelos duets with Dodo and tells in Portuguese and Ombundo languages, accompanied by kissange and Lady Jessica’s flute, about the mermaid who turned the ocean’s water salty.

Te quero

Written By: Dodo Reale

The wonderful voice of Tomasia Estevao Morais in this touching song.

Almost a kizomba on a pad of violins. "Te quero, te quero".

Te quero means "I love you" in Portuguese.

Brasil p'ra amar

Written By: Dodo Reale

A tribute to Brazil: MPB, bossa and tropicalistas.

We love everything Brazilian!


We have released our first album "Les Nations Unies" in March 2007. It has been recorded in Angola and in Italy, and it features 12 songs plus 4 bonus tracks.

We' ve been published in 4 indie compilations, and are about to be distributed digitally. We've received airplay from various Italian and foreign tv's and radios (Brazil, Angola, Portugal, Italy, Austria, USA...) .

In our album "Les Nations Unies" you'll find marimbas, african choruses, surdos, violin, berimbau, kissange, flute and guitars. A bit of Italian music, a tiny taste of the Mauritius island, a full spoon of Angolan gindungo, add plenty of Brazilian flavourings, sprinkle some Old Europe, a touch of Latino spiced up with some Mediterranean feel.
Now you're done: this is the marvellous world of Dodo Reale!

Set List

We usually perform our repertoire and just a few selected covers (folk or popular songs). Languages that we use range from linguamista (mixed language) to Portuguese, English, French, Italian and Spanish, plus extra African choirs in Ombundo (Angolan national language).

Our set covers up to 1 hour and 45 minutes.
Typical song list:

Les Nations Unies
Caixinha de surpresas
Toujours la merde
Mhh we
A dançar
Il regno delle Fate
Brasil p'ra amar
Il canto delle rondini
Mr. Robinson
Vai ser melhor
Il fiume dice