Buffalo, New York, USA

After you see DoDriver play a show you feel like you got the deal of a lifetime and that you should have payed to see them at an arena. There aren't too many groups that give you a great live performance AND sound like they do on the CD. DoDriver plays 90's style rock and does it really well!


DoDriver is an old-fashioned, kick you-in-the-teeth-with-the-songs kind of rock and roll band. This band is like many of the groups from the 70's that were unpolished yet had whatever "it" was that made audiences fall in love with them. Dodriver is NOT a bar band but a stadium band that you might see in an occasional bar or nightclub. The band is tight and more than able to deliver one great show after another with their sights set on playing for large crowds across the U.S and beyond.

As well as Buffalo and its many surrounding cities, DoDriver has performed in
Lansing, Michigan
Cleveland, OH
Erie, PA
Toronto and Niagara Falls, Canada
Portland, ME
New York, NY
a two-week, nine show “mini tour” of Puerto Rico that culminated at the Hard Rock Café in San Juan.

DoDriver’s music is rooted in rock with a definite riff-oriented style, mix in a few pop elements and you get great commercial appeal. They have shared the stage with
I,Mother Earth
The Tea Party
Teenage Head
Emerson Hart of Tonic
Soul Asylum
Smash Mouth at the Niagara Falls, NY Hard Rock Cafe's 2011 New Year's Eve Guitar Drop.
Finger Eleven
Quiet Riot (2013)
On Friday, August 13th 2010 DoDriver had the honor and priveledge to open for rock icons KISS. Through a contest sponsored by Guitar Center, DoDriver was chosen from the top five finishers in a two month long vote-based contest. KISS chose DoDriver as the winning band after listening to the music of all five finalists. The Show was at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center in Darien, NY

The group has four previous releases; “Sinus”, “Man”, “Neon” and “DoDriver”. They have sold over 3400 copies through regional stores and at live venues. From their self-titled CD, the songs “Circus” and “Once in a while” have received radio airplay in West Virginia through the Undiscovered radio network on 106.3 WAMX, 107.5 WEGW, and 103.1 WHBR and in Arkansas on 95.3 KERX. The songs "Read it wrong", "Life Changes Everything" and "Dozer" currently receive airplay on multiple internet radio stations. The group’s newest CD “Life Changes Everything”, available on iTunes, showcases even more of the band’s head-bobbing rhythms, strong vocal lines and memorable songs.

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Read it wrong

Written By: Jody Velletta

Go and wash your face with some Turpentine just to feel that burn from long ago
Listen up 'cause I'm not gonna tell you what you want to hear
You were wrong, I was right and now it's way too clear
Sometimes I dwell on your faults and mine and I blame myself for never trying
I think we could have spent half the time and been twice as far without the lying


"Life Changes Everything"

Set List

DoDriver can perform 2 hours+ of original music. With 30+ songs in the setlist, there is a variety of styles to please any crowd.

song titles:

Life Changes everything
Read it wrong
Watch me
Half a million miles
What's to become of my soul
Is it happening
Nothing's wrong
Why don't you
If you were me
Comin' alive
On our way
Once in a while