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Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
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The DIVAS OF DIVERSITY event includes:
- the diva sharing their journey of discrimination and acceptance.
- a powerful performance.
- time for questions and answers, hosted by a member of the campus community.

Hope's Voice provides each school with:
- the GET FEEDBACK report collected from surveys distributed at the event.
- a glossy and eye-catching electronic DIVAS OF DIVERSITY poster, available to print, to promote the event.
- the opportunity to order DIVAS OF DIVERSITY t-shirts (at discounted rate) for the programming board.




Adam Daniel Apodaca (aka Venus D-Lite) was born on September 5th 1983 in Los Angeles, CA. At age 3 him, his mother and stepfather moved to the city of Moreno Valley the same year Adam's brother Josh was born to start a new family life. At an early age Adam expressed an interest in performing and singing. Starting off by giving Magic shows and singing at the local Shakey's Karaoke, mostly singing Female songs, Adam's love for the stage started then. It wasn't until in elementary school that the annual 5th Grade Talent show would change his life. Patiently waiting to get to 5th Grade to participate in the Talent show by the time he was able to participate he was more than ready. Adam wowed the audience with his live singing of not an English song but a Spanish song which had never been done. The teachers were so impressed with the performance that they scheduled Adam to perform last as the closing performance. After that Adam participated in every Talent Show till his Senior Year in High School. Winning 1st place in 11th for his Vocal performance of Toni Braxton's hit single "You're Making Me High"

Growing up for Adam was never easy. At 2 years old his parents divorced and Adam did not have a relationship again with his fathter until the age of 14. Adam's family had many struggles due to his stepfather's cocaine addiction. He could never forget how hard it was to see his stepfather slowly turn into another person and struggle his mother went thru to try to get his stepfather help. At age 12 his mother and stepfather divorced and him, his mother and brother moved to Costa Mesa, CA.. It was around this time that Adam started to notice that he had an attraction to boys and not girls. Not only did Adam notice this but it seemed that all of his school peers did as well. Being constantly bullied and harrassed at school the only time he felt happy was when him and his mother and brother would go sing at karaoke every Saturday and Adam would perform. The bullying got worse to the point where Adam joined a local gang changed his clothes and shaved his head to try to get some protection from the bullying.

Age 15 was a complicated year for Adam. He had just found out about his real father and him and his mother and brother had to move because of Adam's involvement with a gang. Adam's interest in House music and Party Crew's was on the rise and Adam had found another escape, Dancing. One night Adam took his mother's car and went to a club in hollywood. To Adam's surprise there was Gay people all over the club. At the club he had met his first boyfriend and his life from there had changed forever. The relationship did not last long but Adam felt more comfortable with his sexuality. After disclosing his sexuality with his mother Adam was forced to move out and live with his stepfather. The next two years was extremely rough due to his stepfather's verbal harassments to Adam, he had ran away from home and remembers sleeping in various Apartment complexes' Laundry rooms to keep warm. It only got worse when he tried to kill himself and had confessed to a teacher his attempts. Adam was admitted to a Mental Hospital for two weeks and when he left the abuse from his stepfather did not stop. When his Stepfather was facing jail time Adam had moved in with his grandmother back in Los Angeles, It was finally peace for Adam after a chaotic two years.

At his grandmother's Adam gradutated early at age 17 and soon after met his now partner Eddie Leyva. Eddie was always a strong supporter of Adam as an entertainer. At age 18 one of Adam's schoolmate's had visited him in drag and it had sparked Adam's curiosity to try Drag. One night a club had advertised that they were having a Madonna lookalike contest. Adam had always idolized Madonna and had always wanted to be an entertainer similar in her style. Eddie being a makeup artist convinced Adam to do it and he would do his makeup. Adam being hesistant to do it tired it and to his surprise won! Adam was convinced it was a fluke but to his surprise he was mobbed by people telling him how much he looked like Madonna. This sparked a passion to recreate her looks and performances which won him many contests and respect in the Drag and Lookalike community. At age 21 Adam now Venus D Lite was given his own show in Riverside California where he performed and hosted for 6 years. In 2010 he was called to be part of the cast of the hit show "Rupaul's Drag Race Season 3". Even though being the first one kicked off Venus' Drag Career took off even more. quoted " Venus could give Madonna a run for her money" and since the show has aired Venus has not stopped touring both coasts of the US. Venus also has recorded a song called "I'm Not Madonna" and is currently working on a Documentary with the same title. Venus' goals are to someday work with the queen of pop herself someday. Venus' true life's belief are that you can be anyone or come from anywhere if you work hard no matter what