BandHip HopEDM

A one man band/MC/DJ that dares to mix hip hop with everything from goth to rock to industrial, with a creative yet catchy style that is both entertaining and enlightening & appeals to many walks of life.


His first retail-ready release is entitled Somewhere Between A Retard And A God. That is his self-evaluation in a nutshell, and it doesn't explain a damn thing. He is always representing the number three, striving to find the balance between every pair of extremes: the top of the triangle. The revolutionary observer that analyzes the world and preaches Triple Vision, writing universal poetry in a strange language everyone speaks but nobody can read. Then it's all layered over a beat and catchy production. You nod your head to the rhythm, and he takes that as a "yes" - you feel what he feels, and neither of you know what it really is.

D-O-E (a.k.a. Dostah Shilailee) is a complex individual with a message to send in a constant battle to be heard by the world. He brings to us the rEvolution: Underground, a philosophy and evolution movement that some embrace and some reject. Many people fear the insanity and confusion that comes with D-O-E's knowledge and visions, and some people think it's just straight bullshit. Why is D-O-E so crazy? Because of the accident that put him in a coma untill his "second shadow" gave him another chance at life? Because of the struggle he had growing up in poverty in trailer parks and slums, enduring domestic violence? Because of all the drugs and alcohol induced trying to escape it all? We can't be sure exactly what drives his maniacle mind, but it all results in some awesome music!

Due to the many different genres that it borrows elements from, D-O-E's music had to be given its own name. He calls it sykophunk (pronounced like "psycho funk"), and the name breaks down simply: it's crazy but it'll make you move. Hip hop, electronica, gothic, metal, industrial, trip hop - it's the combination of many styles that gives sykophunk its unique vibe.

Sykophunk, though it still remains a versatile style, has definitely been defined over time. It draws the listener in, arousing their curiosity with mystery and darkness just to entrap them in the undeniable rhythm. And no matter what D-O-E decides to rap or sing about, he is never faking. Even in his most sarcastic lyrics, the listener can appreciate the point being made. His passion for his music is very clear and real, and it is this force that builds an album of songs people can relate to. Not one hit wonders, but powerful and heartfelt music that stands the test of time. It has been a long, hard road to pursue such a creative and passionate style of music, but D-O-E continues to feed his addiction for creating worlds and reaching out to others through his lyrics. The struggle never stops, but neither does the sykophunk. And D-O-E refuses to rest untill the rEvolution: Underground is coming to your town...


rEvolution: Underground (full-length demo, 2002)
Further Revelations (full-length demo, 2003)
Seximer (full-length demo, 2003)
East Meets West (full-length demo, 2003)
Somewhere Between A Retard And A God (LP, 2004)
Retard >< God part two (full-length demo, 2004)

Set List

Since I am constantly writing new material, my set list always varies. I've never played the same exact set twice. If given the time slot, I'll make my set an hour long at the least. I perform my own versions of songs like "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics & "Sober" by Tool. With this EPK I can only upload 3 songs, which isn't nearly enough to show the broad spectrum of music that D-O-E covers.