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A young version of LL Cool J. D.O.E. producer, writer and performer combination that electrifies audiences of all ages.


Emerging bright amongst the next generation of shining stars is artist, DOE. This young man from Columbus, Ohio, is a leading factor to give hip-hop and R&B what it has been missing. His sound sets itself apart from the others with clever melodies and catchy hooks. At such a young age, Dorian already has his sights set on success. A natural born performer, at the age of 8 DOE began writing and performing his own rap songs. DOE is a gifted actor, performer and rapper in his own right. Following in the footsteps of his father, DOE learned to play several instruments beginning with the drums and moving on to the bass and keyboards. DOE did not stop there, at age 12; he would go to different studios around the country, (with his father), during the summer school break, where he learned how to engineer his own recording sessions. DOE has had the opportunity to sit in on several major recording sessions. His most memorable was in Cleveland, Ohio meeting mega producer Edwin “Tony” Nicholas. DOE learned many techniques about engineering as well as music production. By age 13, DOE was composing, producing and mixing his own material. DOE has performed at various venues across the United States, performing in New Jersey along side Ray, Goodman and Brown. DOE has also performed in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami and Columbus, Ohio his hometown which he donated his performance to the Project for L.I.F.E. event. Currently, DOE is preparing his debut CD release on the Gold Gate Entertainment Group label in early 2007. This entrepreneur understands the business of music as well as the business of making music.


I like yo Style was D.O.E.'s first single release under the group name Q-one-O. "I like yo Style" received radio airplayed in Germany, London and the United States. D.O.E. solo project is scheduled for release by the end of April 2007 titled "Gettin Doe".

Set List

Typical set list is five songs from D.O.E.'s upcoming CD release. List as follows: Gettin Doe, Break Somethin, Ready and Home. D.O.E. can also do a 40 minute show. D.O.E. performance contains no explicit lyrics.