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"Democalypse by joe DOE"

Rating: 8/11
Amidst shady electronic piano simulations, epic synth battles, and ugly overdubs, Joe DOE raps a weirdly relatable mesh of apocalyptic, environmental, sarcastic, cynical, vaguely scientific socially commentary. This is definitely 21st century rap, as every song is straightforwardly flavored by the overwhelming hopelessness of colliding problems (some less obvious threats than others): solar flares, economic recession, 2012, and even frustration with the music industry (as on "Sick Shit:" "What do I gotta do to prove to you motherfuckers, that I am on a much higher level than them other suckers?"). He's a good rapper because his flow is catchy, the on-top-of-the-beat antidote to southern rap, and it’s hard to pinpoint who he is: like an anonymous corpse he shifts timbres, voices. His songs are about as angsty as an emo band, but he's building some Stephen King-type novel in his repertoire, complete with recurring themes, foreshadowing, and the dark undertones (and overtones) that shudder the listener like a creaking door in a dark, unfamiliar house. He unveils his personality pretty strongly here, as he is responsible for programming beats, lyrics, and the amateur singing sharpened by dissonant overdubs. His music depicts a man rattled by drugs and anxiety, talented in spite of it, determined to rise above everyone through fearless self-promotion and tireless craftsmanship. He is all the more intriguing because of the confusion as to whether his desire is for fame, or to walk away from his berated world like a hero from the smoldering wreckage of epic beats and word explosions. - Knocks from the Underground


Let's keep it "short" and list what I've recorded since 2008:

* Deeper Than Underground 2010 (collab mixtape, online)
* Democalypse (2010, LP, retail)
* Who the Hell is joe DOE?! (2009, mixtape, online)
* A Collage of Clairaudience: Part One (2009, instrumental EP, online)
* Deconstruction (2009, collab compilation, online)
* Be Middle Class or Die Trying (2009, LP, retail)
* "Make You Grind" (2009) Indaba session remix featured on The Colbert Report
* 3 Dimenions of Truth (2008, LP, retail)
* “Never Surrender” + remix (2008, single) Collaboration with experimental electronica artist Harpsichoid from the U.K.
* Tales from the Dark Domain (2008, compilation, online)
* Collaboremixtape (2008, collab compilation, online)
* “Cemetery Flowers” (2008, single) - collaboration with singer/songwriter Christel South.
* Grimey Poetry (2008, mixtape)

Also, numerous singles & remixes released online through Sykophunk Weekly.



“In spite of its function as a reservoir for human darkness—or perhaps because of this—the shadow is the seat of creativity." - Carl Jung

Between surviving a near-death experience, living in poverty in the suburban slums of the Hudson Valley region of New York, and battling for years against depression and alcoholism, joe DOE has had plenty of exposure to the darkness. He has managed to live through it all, only by channeling the forces of the shadow through his music and writing, converting hard times into lessons learned. Through this process, he brings positive messages of hope and unity through dark images of truth - a way of viewing the world known as Triple Vision.

joe DOE is the creator of a genre called sykophunk, which is a form of hybrid hip hop incorporating elements of many other genres. Creative yet catchy, sometimes tasteless but always entertaining and often enlightening. Music that disregards cliché boundaries, connecting different paths of life on a mission for the rEvolution Underground.

Claims to fame include:
* Getting a song played on an episode of The Colbert Report.
* Getting a track on a mixtape alongside members of The Wu-Tang Clan.
* Recording two full-length albums every year since 2003; recording 102 songs in 2009 alone!
* Playing live shows on both coasts plus the Midwest.
* Collaborating with underground artists from both sides of the Atlantic.
* Composing the score for an upcoming indie film.