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"Chooka performs at Opera House"

CENTRAL Victorian performer Chooka Parker is making his dreams come true.

The self-taught pianist from Red Lion last night performed at the Sydney Opera House after smashing the people’s choice charts in the 2012 Musicoz Awards.

Chooka, 18, said he had always dreamt of performing at the Sydney Opera House and thanked the public for voting and making the dream a reality.

“It’s quite incredible how much support I’ve had from around the world,” he said.

“So I’d like to say a big thanks to all my fans.”

Chooka shot to fame after appearing on variety program Australia’s Got Talent last year.

He didn’t watch television, surf the internet or own a mobile phone and was dubbed the “surprise packet” of the competition.

When he was 11 he decided he wanted to be a chicken farmer, which earned him his distinctive nickname.

He has changed his name from Ethan to Chooka by deed poll and feels most comfortable decked out in a leather jacket, Akubra and work boots.

The young star dreams of buying a houseboat, living on the Murray River and making music.

Chooka makes up most of his compositions on the spot.

“I can’t believe I’ll be playing at the Sydney Opera House,” he said yesterday.

“I might do a bit of improvisation, I’m not sure yet.

‘‘I’m very excited.

‘‘Performing there is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Chooka taught himself to play piano, inspired by a Mozart CD he found, and said his stint in the national spotlight had transformed his life.

Since appearing on Australia’s Got Talent, Chooka has played gigs across the country.

“I’ve had plans, playing at the Sydney Opera House was part of it, and there’s a couple of other things I’m hoping to do,” he said.

“I want to work with cartoons in movies with music and voice acting.” - Bendigo Advertiser

"Central Victoria's Chooka leads flock."

18 Apr, 2012 04:00 AM
CENTRAL Victorian performer Chooka Parker is leading a competition to perform at the Sydney Opera House.

Chooka, 18, from Red Lion, attracted national headlines after appearing on variety program Australia’s Got Talent last year.

He entered the Musicoz Awards 2012 and holds the top position in the people’s choice charts.

The winner will perform at the Sydney Opera House on May 15.

“I have always dreamt of playing at the Sydney Opera House,” Chooka said.

“It is right on the water and such a beautiful building.

“To be able to play there would be great, it would accomplish a big dream.”

Chooka attracted international attention during his stint on Australia’s Got Talent but failed to make the finals.

He grew up in a family without television or internet and was homeschooled.

Chooka taught himself to play piano, inspired by a Mozart CD he found.

His stint under the national spotlight has transformed Chooka’s life.

“It is amazing. It is unbelievable how many things have happened,” he said. “It is almost comical how much my life has changed.

‘‘I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I went on the telly.

“... But I have been able to help people. I feel better about myself because I have been able to help people.”

Chooka has played across Australia since appearing on Australia’s Got Talent. He said he hoped to write music for cartoons and wanted to voice characters in programs.

The Parkers borrowed a television to watch Chooka on national television. The television has since gone back to its owners but the internet has been a new addition.

It has allowed Chooka to stay in contact with his fans from across the globe via his website and Facebook.

“It has been really good. I have been able to develop a strong fan base and get to know them,” he said. “I would love to go overseas and meet some of them.

“One bloke in Russia made a sculpture of me so I sent him a CD as thanks.”

People can vote for Chooka at
- Bendigo Advertiser

"Swanhill Food & Wine Festival"

Chooka ParkerChooka Parker and his amazing piano skills on Australia's Got Talent have made him a worldwide hit.
The Victorian farm boy was home-schooled on a farm at Red Lion, near Maryborough and taught himself to play the piano.
Chooka is known for his original compositions, which he makes up on the spot purely as he feels the emotions of the time. - Swanhill Tourist Information

"Jacaranda Festival a big success"

Maggie said one of the highlights of the festival was the Venetian Carnival on Friday night which attracted 1500-2000 people who packed the hillside along Memorial Park and listened intently to the spectacular performance of special guest, piano-playing sensation Chooka Parker.
"During his time here, Chooka fell in love with Grafton and it was wonderful he could be a part of the festival this year," Maggie said. - Article by The Daily Examiner Emma Pritchard 8th November 2011

"Chooka Parker wows at Edenhope Show"

FANS of Australia's Got Talent's Chooka Parker headed to the Edenhope Show at the weekend to see the shearer and piano prodigy in action.

Chooka performed at the two-day event on Saturday morning.

Treasurer Sandra Clutterbuck said Chooka was a highlight of the show, which ended yesterday.

"He was pretty good - very good, actually,'' she said. "We're going to try and get him back next year. - Wimmera Mail-Times CASSANDRA DALGLEISH 21 Nov, 2011 01:00 AM

"Dirt Music Festival a hit with music lovers."

At first glance someone might not have thought there was a music festival in Rupanyup on Sunday.

Tacky marquees, enormous lines trailing from food vans and over-priced beers were not to be found.

But in the town's church, hall, backyards and billabong, musicians from the slick and experienced to those simply having a crack at something they enjoyed, entertained the crowd.

The second Dirt Music Festival was an event encouraging musicians to perform - for no price - to music lovers across and beyond the Wimmera.

The sounds of strings, keys, skins and songs replaced the noise of lawn mowers and birds that would have had the stage on any other Sunday.

While the event kept clear of labelling headliners, keyboard prodigy Chooka Parker was a big drawcard after becoming famous on Australia's Got Talent in 2011.

The 18-year-old from Maryborough stunned the audience with his complex compositions and fleeting key changes while sweating away in his now famous Driza-Bone coat.
- Wimmera Mail-Times 4th April 2012

"Inner Circle Spring 2011"

Our special guest for the night was “Chooka” Parker, a gifted pianist who appeared on Australia’s Got Talent. Chooka performed beautifully, and treated us to some wise words as well! A big thank-you to Chooka and his family for making the night truly memorable.
- Article by Radius disability services Michael Smith Spring 2011 newsletter

"Country Boy's Talent Comes Straight From the Heart"

..."Then he (Chooka Parker) sat down at the keyboard and poured his spirit right through his fingers and the electronic instrument and into the spirits of those listening. It was one of those classic “Talent” moments, when surprise and awe replace skepticism on the faces of audience and judges alike. Chooka didn’t look up from the keyboard until he ended his performance and received a standing ovation." - This Gives Me Hope

"Chooka Woos His Fans"

Chooka, 17, of Red Lion, featured in last night's Australia's Got Talent Finals.
Chooka's performance attracted a standing ovation from the audience before the judges heaped praise upon him. - Bendigo Advertiser

"Chooka Parker: a Touch of Genius"

"...he can replicate scales only level 10 pianists at the end of their career after 30 years of playing could even wish to create with such speed... - BOBINOZ


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