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"Exclusive Interview: Geoff Fitzgerald Vs The Jamestown Revival"

Jamestown Revival is one of the latest bands to be put forward for the Rolling Stones unsigned acts competition, which can give the platform and coverage to launch any new act.

Music and the use of instruments is very close to what Jamestown Revival are about. Folk, Indie and Rock is what this Texas duo create, put together by Jonathan Clay, once a prominent architect, and Zach Chance, a young shaman.

Jamestown Revival went on a long journey to meet, and along with releasing an E.P “Knives and Thieves’’ in February, the duo are set to make their mark on the music scene and give us an insight to themselves, music and performing live.

Geoff Fitzgerald: Tell me a little about Jamestown Revival?

JR: We were childhood friends who grew up in a small town in Texas. We started making music, first as solo artists and then collaboratively. This whole thing was formed as a truly uninhibited form of expression.

GF: I have read about the very courageous circumstances that you both went through on the journey of meeting. Can you tell me more about that amazing encounter?

Jon: Well, first of all: it is an absolutely true story and the only part we left out is that three years later we both won the Nobel Peace Prize for our discoveries.

Zach: Don’t forget the bank robbery and car chase involving an El Camino and the Mexican Police.

GF: You both seem very, very musical and play many instruments, which you can hear through your music. Are you both from musical backgrounds?

Zach: I grew up with my parents listening to a lot of different styles of music. Music was always a presence in our house. My mom was always walking around the house singing, which definitely rubbed off on me because I catch myself doing the same thing now.

Jon: My dad played piano, banjo and guitar, and I think hearing those three instruments growing up definitely shaped what I do.

GF: You have both said that you shared in the idea of making music. Can you share some of those ideas with me?

JR: We’ve always had a shared appreciation for music, which ultimately led us down the path of creating it. From the time we first met we were always writing together and now it’s sort of taken form as a duo project. We both have an appreciation for the role music can play. Capturing certain moments, ideas, and feelings and acting as a story to our lives. It’s an amazing release and form of expression.

GF: As we know, you both play the instruments; is this the same for the songwriting?

JR: Yes. All of our writing is derived from some conversation we’ve had that really stuck with us. To the point where we say that’s a great idea for a song and then we sit down together and sort of let things flow. I’m not sure how the process for other bands works, but it certainly is the formula for our music.

GF: Your track "The Revival" made me feel very uplifted and happy. Does the track have uplifting meanings or any connection to your band title?

JR: “Revival” is a song about going against the grain in the way we choose to live. Conventional wisdom says that music isn’t the “safe” career choice, but we certainly had smiles on our faces when we wrote it.

GF: Your E.P The Knives & Pipes, which was released at the beginning of February, has four very folk/indie sounding tracks. Is this the true sound of Jamestown Revival?

JR: I think so. Our music comes more from our surroundings and what we believe than anything we find ourselves listening to. Ultimately it’s our fingerprint; we wrote, recorded, produced and played every instrument on the EP. We even designed the album artwork. We can confidently say that this is a true representation of Jamestown Revival.

GF: Who are your musical Inspirations or Idols?

JR: Our influences range from James Taylor and Led Zeppelin to Otis Redding and R.L. Burnside. We’re pretty eclectic. I think at this point our biggest influence is experiencing life and pulling from that.

GF: You have just done a live event for "Believe in Miracles," a benefit concert at O'Rena at Oakland University. Tell me about the event?

JR: It was a really special night that was put together by the girl’s softball team at Oakland University as a chance to raise money and awareness for a great organization. It was certainly a pleasure to be a part of it.

GF: Live gigs and tours always sound better when musicians play instruments in their performances. Are there any plans for more live events, so your fans and prospective listeners can see you?

JR: Of course. We’ve just come off of the road traveling up and down the west coast. The goal now is to sort of regroup and get back out again towards the end of April. It’s crucial for every band today to have a great live performance, not only for their survival but also to build a solid fan base. It really is special when you can give a performance that is more than music but and experience. That’s when people real - Man of The Hour

"Jamestown Revival"

Forgive me readers for I have sinned. It has been much too long since my last post. But really I've not been impressed with a lot of stuff that's been sent my way. Until now...

Jamestown Revival is Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance. Hailing from Austin, Revival is musical equivalent of riding in the back of a truck on a spring day down a dirt road. There's a down home feel that runs through their EP titled Knives and Pipes.

The simplicity on display here perfectly showcases the harmonies that Clay and Chance can achieve. From the chugging lines of "Looking For The Right Thing" (which brings to mind Johnny Cash) to the bluesy "Ain't It A Shame," Jamestown Revival proves that The Black Keys aren't the only ones who know their way around the blues. While they never quite reach the heights of the Keys, with their recent entry into the Rolling Stone cover competition, that is sure to change. Vote for JR to grace to cover of Rolling Stone here. - Digging For Days

"Jamestown Revival: Longtime Buddies Get Together to Make Mellow Gold"

Who: Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance put their solo projects aside to form this laid-back duo. "We always wrote on each other's records," says Clay, whose songs have gotten play on The Hills and Sons of Anarchy (Chance's have appeared on Private Practice). "Getting together was inevitable."

Sound: Mellow folk-rock tunes laced with harmonies and rockabilly guitar.

Bromance: Clay and Chance grew up in Magnolia, Texas (pop. 1,100), and have been inseparable since high school, although Clay's wife has replaced Chance as his roommate. "We've gotten good at avoiding arguments," says Clay. - Rollling Stone Magazine

"Jamestown Revival Knives and Pipes Review"

Jamestown Revival, heard of this band before? If not you better get on top of their EP, The Knives & Pipes. The laidback duo of Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance originally hail from Magnolia, Texas and are currently one of 16 bands vying for the cover of Rolling Stone. In what’s a really sweet contest featuring many great up-and-coming bands, give a listen to Jamestown Revival and cast your vote for the guys (final four bands will rock out at Bonnaroo in a Battle of the Bands this June). Even better, vote for Jamestown Revival, click the Facebook ‘Like’ icon and then shoot at email to and you can score a free copy of their EP.

Wondering what their sound is like? Personally I think it’s a blend of a handful of genres including their country roots, bluegrass, pop, rock and rockabilly, soul and they pull it off so elegantly. They have a more mellow, chillaxing approach which makes listening to them that much more enjoyable. I know after one listen I was hooked and have found myself pushing repeat again and again the past week. - Do You Hear The Music

"Jamestown Revival Performs Live"

Nashville-based band Jamestown Revival performed live in the studio this morning, just one week after announcing on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon that they are finalists in a nationwide competition that could land them on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine!

Read more: Jamestown Revival
- Good Day Sacramento

"Jamestown Revival"

Jamestown Revival formed just six months ago between solo singer-songwriters Zach Chance, who just turned 26 and handles keyboards, and 25-year-old Jonathan Clay, who plays guitar. The Austin, TX-based duo has known each other since high school and shares a love of the wild outdoors and nature, plus a passion for making music. Spinner caught up with the pair on tour somewhere near San Diego, Calif. driving down I-80. Jamestown Revival are also currently competing to be on a future cover of Rolling Stone. If you like what you hear, vote for the Jamestown Revival below.

Before Jamestown Revival, you were both separate solo singer-songwriters. How long did you do that for?
Jonathan Clay: I've been doing it for about four years, Zach started up more recently -- a year and a half ago. But we grew up together. We've been writing music together since we were fifteen years old. We have written songs for each other, but we'd never done it together like this, as a duo project.

Do you think that the two of you have been working up to this collaboration for a while?
JC: I think so. It's not something that we thought about. But if we look back on the process it took to get here, then it all makes perfect sense. We have a great understanding of each other, we're very close friends.

The band name seems very appropriate to the old timey vibe of the lyrics and music. Is that down to your wild Texan blood?

JC: It is. That name symbolizes our sense of history -- old versus new. The introduction of all these new things, like having a cellphone in your pocket 24 hours every day. We spent a lot of time outdoors growing up and developed a love of nature.

Zach Chance: I think we both feel a call to the wild and simpler times. We both cherish something about that. We prefer nature to civilization.

So far, you've made one record, the 'Knives & Pipes' EP. How did that process go?
JC: We did that all ourselves -- played every instrument, produced it, and designed the artwork. It's 100 percent straight from the heart. Straight out of our heads, straight out our hearts. There was no outside pressure, nothing but the two of us creating.

Seems that you are both self-starters.
ZC: We are, we've got a fire burning. Somebody lit a fire under our a-- and it's hot.

What are your influences?
JC: Everything from Led Zeppelin to The Black Keys, to James Taylor, to Simon & Garfunkel. We're drawn to that older sound. Our guitar style, our songwriting, our general style, it all comes from there.

You decided to keep the band to just the two of you, not have a full band with drummer and bassist. Why?
JC: We're keeping it to the two of us right now. We're trying to make as much noise, as much two-man rock and roll as we can at this point. I think we both see a bass player and a drummer in our future. That's the eventual direction we want to take. But we feel like this is appropriate for the development of the group. We're building a strong foundation, which is the two of us.

The Rolling Stone Cover Contest is an amazing opportunity.
JC: We're very excited. It's an awesome opportunity, it hasn't sink in yet. But we feel very fortunate to be involved. [Performing at] Bonnaroo is definitely a dream of ours for sure.

It's thrust you in the spotlight somewhat. How are you staying grounded?
JC: I can't really take it in. It doesn't seem much has changed. We're staying focused on what we do.

ZC: We're staying focused on what we love. We took a day recently to visit the Redwood forest. We played music out there in the woods, connecting with what we love. Really, getting out doors, any chance we get we take advantage of that. Not to sound like I'm a total tree-hugger or anything, but that really helps us. If we get away from that, that's when we'll get in trouble. - Spinner

"Interview With Jonathan Clay,"


[Wendy at] I have been checking out music on MySpace on and off for a while now. There is one musician named Jonathan Clay who came by my spot on MySpace and sent a friend request along with leaving a nice comment. After listening to his songs, I decided it would be nice to interview him. I sent him a message back in July and he agreed to be interviewed, however I didn't get to do it until now.

I talked with Jonathan on the phone the other day and then sent the questions his way. He is super busy getting ready for a tour with a couple of other musicians and releasing a new album.

Jonathan really tries to keep in touch with his fans and stay real. His music contains lovely relaxing lyrics sung with a silky soft voice. Find out more about Jonathan below...

[Wendy at] Who taught you to play guitar and sing?

[Jonathan Clay] Nobody ever really taught me to sing. I had musical parents though, and I think it helped to always hear them singing and making music. My dad played guitar and that definitely rubbed off on me. He enjoys music as much as I do, and that really had a big impact on my development as a child. I was the kind of kid that would get frustrated though, and I probably quit guitar 2 or 3 times. He was patient with me though, and every time I thought I wanted to try my hand at it again, he was there offering to help me. Eventually, I think I had messed around on it enough, that it started to come to me.

[Wendy at] When did you start taking music seriously as a career?

[Jonathan Clay] In my mind, I've been taking music seriously as a career since I was 15 years old. I felt like that's what I wanted to do, and that nothing could stop me from doing it. Luckily, my parents convinced me that college was the best route to take while I developed as a musician, and they were definitely right. I learned a lot in the 3 years I went to college. It gave me time to fine tune my craft as well. When I was 20, I made the decision to withdraw from school, and pursue music full time.

[Wendy at] When did you create your first CD?

[Jonathan Clay] When I was 19. A friend and I recorded it, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out.

[Wendy at] What was the first thing you did when you got your hands on your CD?

[Jonathan Clay] I rounded up all of my closest friends in the dorm, and gave each one of them 50 cd-r's. We all burned as many CD's as we could, and when we were done, we just went around handing them out to everyone. My one goal was to get my music out there. I registered and my roomate made me a temporary and simple website. I just wanted a place where people could go and download my music for free. It worked, and within days, my songs were all over the p2p file sharing programs, and the word had begun to spread.

[Wendy at] Along with your official website, you also have a spot on MySpace. Has it been beneficial to have both?

[Jonathan Clay] It has definitely been beneficial. MySpace has had such an impact on the music industry. I was lucky enough to get in on closer to the beginning. I realized what a vital tool it could be in promotion, and really started to benefit from it.

[Wendy at] On your MySpace account, I noticed you get a lot of comments, friend requests, and probably lots of messages as well. How do you keep up with it all?

[Jonathan Clay] I spend about 2 hours a day writing back messages/comments, etc. I think it's an amazing thing to be able to connect personally with the people who support what I do. MySpace is a great way to do that.

[Wendy at] You blogged about how you submitted your music to iTunes for 3 months. Once it became available through iTunes, did you notice a surge in sales?

[Jonathan Clay] Before my music was on iTunes ( here ) I didn't have much digital distribution. Once my music became available, I realized how important digital distribution can be. From 7/07 - 11/07, I received over 4000 downloads from iTunes. During that time I also had my songs available from free download from myspace and

[Wendy at] You became a one-man band entrepreneur, who wrote, sang, and did all of the music for your first CD. Why did you take on this challenge by yourself?

[Jonathan Clay] Vision with music has never been something I've lacked. I've often “seen” or “heard” the final product before I start to record (or write). With band mates the trouble is communicating that vision & successfully creating it.
As a one-man-band you have utter control.

[Wendy at] What has been your best selling avenue for your CDs?

[Jonathan Clay] Live shows, and through In the last 14 months, I've sold over 2000 copies. I have the amazing support of my fans - Wendy Shepherd

"Jonathan Clay - A Singer/Songwriter with the Blues"


Jonathan Clay has written a true soul singer/songwriter hit with his song ‘This One’s For Me’. The lyric THIS ONE’S FOR ME / AND WHO I WANNA BE seals the deal for me. With guitar chops to boot, this singer/songwriter has written a perfect song in my book. If I had to compare it to anyone I would have to say it reminds me of what I like best from Jonny Lang. This song has hints of Jonny Lang’s hits ‘Lie to Me’ and ‘Red Light’ while still being totally unique and original.

Clay manages to merge the genres of blues and singer/songwriter seamlessly. One of the things I find most interesting is how he manages the chord structures of his songs. On ‘This One’s For Me’ he keeps traditional blues I / IV / V chords ending the verse on the V chord. However, rather than changing his chord for the downbeat of the chorus, he stays on the Bb and has his voice sing the 5th above his new Tonic chord. I also love the slow build of the rocking Bb chord going up a whole step to the C and then speeding it up with a cool walk up from the F to the G hanging on the Bb before finally going up to the V chord and then resolving back to where he started the verses on an F chord. In my opinion it’s A perfect blues/soul structure.

Of course, the chords would mean nothing without the right lyrics and Clay also has huge powers with his words. His songs are very genuine and you can tell they are written about real people and real relationships in his life. It’s no wonder at all that Jonathan has been recognized by some of the biggest TV shows today. His music has been heard on MTV’s The Real World, Newport Beach, and The Hills. I think that Jonathan would also appeal to fans of John Mayer, Jesse McCartney, Howie Day, and Lifehouse.

- Broadtexter Weekly

"Jonathan Clay-"


Singer/songwriter Jonathan Clay began penning original material as a high-school student in western Texas, eventually arriving at a gentle, easygoing sound reminiscent of Matt Nathanson and John Mayer. While attending college in San Marcos, it became increasingly difficult for the young musician to balance his studies and his craft, and he eventually opted to make music his full-time focus. Clay played gigs in his home state for one year before taking his show on the road, where he expanded his audience and sold copies of the debut album Whole New Me. Upon relocating to Austin, he issued another disc, 2007's Back to Good, and enjoyed increased exposure when several songs were featured on such MTV shows as The Real World, The Hills, and Newport Harbor. ~ Andrew Leahey, All Music Guide - Andrew Leahey, All Music Group,

"Artists You Gotta Know- Jonathan Clay"


In Jonathan Clay, we may have found the third wheel to the could be Texas troika of talented singer-songwriters from the Lone Star state, having found Michael Celedon and Taylor McKenna in previous You Gotta Know runs.

Jonathan's sound is pure acoustic pop with a little folk sound, almost like John Mayer meets Jason Mraz with a touch of Josh Kelley and feloow Texan Ryan Cabrera. And like all four, Jonathan too is self-made, learning guitar and the art of writing a song on his own.

His music has seen time on a few reality offerings from MTV including the hit show 'The Hills.' But that's not why we picked him as a You Gotta Know. His take on acoustic pop/rock and putting a little folk into the genre, his potential for huge success in the singer-songwriter arena, which needs fresh blood these days, and his ability to write a song in a way that'll touch your heart and soul is why Texas' Jonathan Clay is our You Gotta Know for the month of October.

-Written by Alan Ho - Alan Ho

"Jonathan Clay"

Catchy riffs, and a steadily growing fan base. Jonathan Clay is definitely someone to watch for. Shows include solo performances as well as full-band sets. - The Austin Chronicle

"Jonathan Clay - CD Review"


I was greatly impressed with Jonathan Clay's album. I thought it was like a blast from the past, so easy to listen to and sounded a lot like the old folk music to me on some of the songs. I greatly enjoyed the beat and tempo's of the guitar made me feel alive inside and happy. I like music that makes you happy and is easy to understand without screaming at you.

I have listened to the CD numerous times and have started taking it with me when I drive since it is relaxing. I have just about got the feel of his music and it is so soothing I think his main goals of this CD were to relax the mind and take frustration out everyday life with his tunes.

So in my opinion the album was impressive there is only one thing I would change and that is to add a few more tracks :>) For a first time album, with him doing all the singing and playing the guitars, it is fabulous. I will recommend this album to everyone I talk to. I liked it that much. Keep up the good work Jonathan and the your fan's will definitely follow your lead!
- Stephanie Donoway- April 2007

"Interview with Jonathan Clay"


J Sohn: First, I'd like to say thanks Jonathan for doing
another interview. You are actually the first artist who I've
had the chance to do a follow up with.
JC: You're so welcome! Great to be back!

J Sohn: Alot has been going on with you since last we spoke.
You've got a new album out, been on a TV show and played
plenty of live shows. If you had to pick one thing out of the
last year, what would you say was the most incredible or
unbelievable thing you've gotten to do?
JC: I got to go to London to work with Chris Braide. We wrote together
for 2 weeks. I learned so much, and that guy is severely talented! I
was by myself, and it's a strange feeling to be out of the country alone,
but it was an amazing experience.

J Sohn: What was it like hearing your music on an MTV show
(The Real World)? It must be pretty crazy knowing it's going to
happen and then you finally hear your song. Can you explain maybe some of the feelings you had when that happened?
JC: It was so surreal! I wrote that song in my bedroom, and it was crazy to hear in on national TV!

J Sohn: Did you get a fat check from MTV for playing your music?
JC: LOL. BMI is two quarters behind on payments, so I guess we'll just have to see :-)

J Sohn What else have you been up to. I see that the new CD is out. Are there still autographed copies available, or did the sell out already?
JC: Autographed copies are sold, but Ill definitely be doing some promotions again in the future. The release of my new album has kept me pretty busy lately, but I’m in the process of booking some shows, and recording a few singles.

J Sohn: Did you do anything different this time around when it came to recording?
JC: We recorded the band all at once, like a live recording. It was really cool to capture that kind of energy. I learned a lot this second time around, and I’m looking forward to getting back in the studio again.

J Sohn: What else do you have in store for the rest of 2007, maybe another tour, a video?
JC: I’m going to release some new material, and play in and around Texas as much as possible for the rest of the year. I’ll also be playing a few college shows in the Northeast and West coast, but my next tour probably won't materialize until early '08.

J Sohn: Is there anything else you'd like to tell our readers and your fans?
JC: New material is coming really soon, so please check when you can. Sign up for the mailing list so I can let you know what's going on, and a HUGE thank you for all the support.

J Sohn: Thank you very much for your time Jonathan.
JC: Thank you! Much appreciated. - J Sohl- Banned Promotions

"Jonathan Clay- The Whole New Him"


Jonathan Clay is a young man with an extraordinary gift. His voice is
silken and magnetic. A native of Houston, Texas, he was drawn to singing
and performing from a young age. He began playing guitar when he was
thirteen. His father was an early inspiration for him and he has grown
tremendously as an artist ever since. The release of his album Whole
New Me, in 2005, garnered him national attention which has sparked an
interest in his work from coast to coast. Exposure through radio, reality
television, and feature films has gained him an audience worthy of any
artist on the market today, and he has a new CD ready and raring to go.
Just one listen to his music and you feel like kicking back, putting your feet
up, and drifting away with him for a while. He makes you forget
everything else during the ride.
Jonathan graciously agreed to be interviewed for Web Digest Weekly
and I was delighted to host him. He has upcoming concert dates which
promise to be exciting and enjoyable for all. He's a young man with
warmth and charm, who is ready to let the whole world in on his genius.

JCP: Thank you for taking the time to spend with me, Jonathan.
JC: You're welcome. I really appreciate you having me.
JCP: Lets begin by having you talk about what you've been doing lately.
JC: Lately, I've been keeping pretty busy in the studio. I began work on
my new CD in November, and it will be released in February '07. When I'm
not in the studio, I'm working on getting things in order for the upcoming
tour (also in February '07). Last week, I got with my photographer to take
some pictures for the album, and sometime in January I'll be meeting with
my graphic designer to talk about the layout and look of the record. These
next few months are going to be hectic, but well worth it.
JCP: Tell us about your new tour schedule.
JC: It's in three segments throughout the US. West Coast, Central, and
East Coast. I'm touring with two other solo acoustic musicians, Aston
Teague, and Kelly Kellam. Starting February 15th, we'll kick off the tour
with a headlining show at House of Blues in Las Vegas. Then down
through California, and eventually making our way into Texas by March
8th. Starting April 5th, we'll head north, and make our way up to North
Dakota, as well as cities such as Omaha, Chicago, and Little Rock. We'll be
home by April 20th, and by May 9th, the East Coast segment will be
underway. We'll make it as far as Boston and New York before we snake
back down to Texas. I couldn't be more excited about travelling the
country and playing my music face-to-face for the people that support
what I do.
JCP: Whole New Me was a wonderful platform for your talent. What
does the CD mean to you?
JC: This CD was really important. It helped me to gain experience,
confidence, and support from so many people that I look up to. More than
anything, it gave me something that I could give to other people to take
home with them. In 14 months, my EP sold over 2000 copies, and that is
something I am really proud of. I have the amazing support of my fans to
thank for that.
JCP: What about your new CD, Perfect Dissymmetry? Tell us about it.
JC: There will be re-recorded/produced versions of A Little Time, More
Than A Picture, and After All, along with eight unreleased songs. In
total, it will have 11 tracks. Originally slated to have 10, but half way
through the recording process I wrote a song that I knew I couldn't leave
off. Not because it was the best song I had ever written, or because I
thought it would go over well as a pop tune, but because it was so true. I
still don't even have a name for the song yet. I could just go with the
obvious, but I think this one needs something more than that. It's a
completely acoustic tune, just one guitar track, and one vocal track. All I
can say for sure is that it will most likely be the last song on the album. If
all goes as planned, my new album should be released no later than
February 15th.
JCP: Your journey as an artist is a story of the American Dream. How has
it effected you?
JC: Well, I'm still at the part where you're working really hard, trying to
make it happen. That's what it takes though. If anything, it's taught me
the value of determination. It's taught me the importance of being
multi-faceted. I've had to learn to deal with rejection, and I've had to learn
to take criticism. I think what makes it all worth it is seeing first hand how
many people's lives my music has touched. Sometimes I have to really sit
down and let it soak in before I can fathom it.
JCP: Tell us what it's like to hear yourself on the radio or on television.
JC: It's a really strange feeling. I have a hard time putting it into words.
Life is amazing, isn't it?
JCP: What inspires you when you're writ - JC Parrish- Web Digest Weekly

"Texas State U.-San Marcos: Jonathan Clay finds success in indie music scene."


Singer/songwriter Jonathan Clay has faired well in the music industry despite not being signed to a label.

The former Texas State University student, who now plays music full-time, has been enjoying the success of his self-produced album, "Whole New Me." "Stuff is happening. I have had my CD out for about a little over a year and it's done surprisingly well for an independent (release)," Clay said.

"Whole New Me" prominently displays Clay's musical influences, particularly John Mayer, Damien Rice and Angus Lee.

Clay started playing music when he was in high school - Maira Garcia - University Wire


Still working on that hot first release.



Currently at a loss for words...