Petersburg, Virginia, USA
BandHip HopRock

I'm a self driven and reliable Hip Hop artist who writes music in R&B, Hip Hop, and Rock. I have been performing for over 10 years up and down the east coast entertaining crowds as large as 2,000+. I was recently co headline on a highly successful ticket-master event at The National Richmond, VA.


I developed the name Doethepaperboy in regards to my determination to be successful in the music industry, not only as an artist but a true inspiration and role model. My name stands for (Drive Over Everything) and the paperboy means that I am here consistently with the daily info and messages. As an artist I have really worked on developing my craft since 2001 when I first took music very seriously. Since my beginning in music I have done numerous hours of recording and writing to develop my penmanship. I started doing shows in 2005 as an actual artist prior to that I was on the road in support of others as a member of a well organized street team. Since this date I have done over 100 shows in crowds ranging from 20-25 people up to 1,000-2,000 in all age ranges, I have entertained both old and young crowds with success. My passion for music has lead me to record and self distribute over 5 of my own recording projects since the time of my musical commitment. Most recent to date DoeNation which is a classic Hip Hop album that is competitive enough to be play right along side many of todays artist. I have created my own events to showcase other talent as well as my own in order to build strengthen in the local VA music network. Most recent accomplishment was a co headline at The National in Richmond, VA on Nov 24, 2010 in which the attendance was 900+ and was a sponsored ticket-master event. My music is diverse so I have been able to entertain crowds that enjoy rock music as the only Hip Hop act on many bills. I recently released a cross genre Hip Hop/ Rock Pop song called "Monday" with pop/alternative band Against Grace that is gaining allot of attention nationally and is also available on itunes. I am a hardworking, dependable, and reliable artist that takes his music career very seriously and will continue to strive for my goals.


2005- Exclusiv Volume 1
2007- Exclusiv Volume 2
2009- Mic Jordan of Recording
2010- DoeNation
2011- Monday

Set List

A 10 min sound check is required in order to make sure that all sound equipment is vocally compatible.

A table to allow my DJ the appropriate amount of space to orchestrate my musical set.