DBS is like compilation of all your favorite Hard Rock bands all wrapped up into one.


Keeping the music of Dog Bone Sanctuary under cellophane or trapped in a clear plastic box is a veritable sin. Thankfully, the Seattle-based DBS recently allowed their music to run riot on us by launching a CD that contains some of the most original works heard in quite some time. The songs cover the very essence of being a human in some very inhumane situations, self-inflicted or otherwise. It is about ironic struggle and our gritty nature. It is about comparing and combining the gory with the spirited. And in my opinion, it’s about time. Waiting for even a taste of Dog Bone Sanctuary was itself an exercise in suffering. Thankfully, the wait is over. Lead singer Rane Stone’s intense vocals and guitar are melded with a tight and dynamic lead guitar, played by Paul Souyoultzis, and a solid rhythm section in Kevin Jacober’s bass and Clint Clark’s drums. The music has power but uses variety and verse skillfully rather than beating you to death with unnecessary and frivolous crap that most bands use to get your attention. Smoke and mirrors, there are none, but vivid imagery is abundant in the lyrics. Stone’s performance lays the band’s guts out on the table while making you anticipate the view. Dog Bone Sanctuary is "committed". I do not mean in the sense that they are dedicated to their craft; I mean in the sense that there is no hesitation or insecurity whatsoever, in either the music or the message. Both the words and music are deliberate, confident and secure. DBS is definitely a breath of fresh air in an industry of such uncertainty.


Broken Dreams

Written By: DBS

Follow, all your hopes and dreams, spread your broken wings, and keep on flying higher, than you've flown before, there is always more to discover.

Spread the wings of broken dreams and let them fly. Free your soul and let yourself become alive. Touch the face of yesterday and give it life. Spread the wings of broken dreams and let them fly.

Flying, higher than before, discover there is more, than we imagined.
Never, let your eyes look down, just get up off the ground, and keep on flyin' high.


Written By: DBS

I don't wanna' bleed, don't wanna' bleed myself for no one. I don't wanna' be, don't wanna' be the weaker one. I just wanna' see, just wanna' see us getting stronger. Bring the revolution, revolution will live on.

Grab a hold of tomorrow. Let's let go of all our yesterdays. There's no need for the sorrow, look inside and you will find the way.

I don't wanna' be, don't wanna' be the one forgotten. I don't wanna' be, don't wanna' be the one that fades away. I just wanna' give, just wanna' live my life for changes. Bring the revolution, revolution will live on.


DBS released their debut album "Baptized by Fire" in August of 2005. It was recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Jack Endino himself. DBS has received a rather warm reception from local radio. They are currently being played on KISW 99.9FM, KFNK 104.9FM and KEXP 90.3 FM and are requested regularly.

Set List

DBS performs original works only. They are currently performing their debut album "Baptized by Fire" which is roughly 45 minutes in length.

Broken Dreams
Fade Away
Ocean Wave
Welcome Home
Another Day
Never Say Die
Almost Falling

DBS also plays other older original works in the event of an encore. DBS is capable of performing 1 1/2 hours if needed.