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" San Bernardino's DOG FACED GODS take alt-rock's angst-ridden minor-key modulations, metal's chugging riffs, and dashes of hip-hop, and mix the influences into a debut album that has more twists than the Pacific Coast Highway" - REVOLVER Rob O'Connor


"This is the kind of band that could make some BIG NOISE on the '05 hard rock scene."--Andy Secher, - HIT PARADER MAGAZINE


“Frankly these guys have turned out one very cool album here, and I am interested in seeing what else they have up their sleeves.” - MUSIC STREET JOURNAL


“DFG has the vitality and the hunger to rise above …”—SEA OF TRANQUILITY - SEA OF TRANQUILITY


“Dog Faced Gods show a lot of versatility, talent and ambition on their debut album.”—LIVE 4 METAL.COM - LIVE 4 METAL.COM


"Dog Faced Gods circa their album debut showed much promis and also little sign of slowing down their forward progress." - Jason Birchmeier - ALL MUSIC GUIDE


"They call themselves "Dog Faced Gods", and with a combination of power chords tinged with a throw-everything-in-but-kitchen sink sound, they could be the next big thing to hit the world of rock music." -Sam Lewin, - NATIVE TIMES NETWORK


"This album intrigued me. It was a sort of blend of garage rock and heavy alternative, with an interesting touch. Pick up this album if you're into alternative rock. It may be just what you're looking for. - Ringo - SKRATCH


"If they can continue to absorb and reflect diverse influences, thes Gods will be pulling in new worshippers for years to come." -Mark Polzin - GOLDMINE MAGAZINE



Feb 25th w/In Silence and Dog Faced Gods....203 heads last night!

Alright so lets get to the review of the bands...starting with D.F.G
If u haven't heard about these guys,they are most well known for there single "Its not a waterpipe,its a bong"which got heavy radio play from our local stations.But should a band be defined on a particular hit?No...cuz hits can fly by night and the band can easily be forgotton.Not D.F.G. these guys are a total package band with charisma,personality,talent and a great presence onstage.First thing you notice about Dog Faced Gods is there bigger then life personas that when u come across them u feel that your with someone special.Once they hit the stage the aura that surrounds them is magnetic and even if you try and turn out the lights to set the mood,the drummer keeps thing lit up with his custom made drumkit with lights within the drum heads to keep there performance bright and in your face.I would say a good 40-50people were there upfront and in support of D.F.GBut don't hold me to those numbers cuz i didn't keep track but it was apparent when In Silence was being announced that they were on next...the whole club roared in support. - DIRTY D X 103.9


Stoned Council (2005) "Waterpipe Bong", "Brings Me Down" National radio play
Spit in my Eye (2007/2008) "Meltdown" National radio play

STONED COUNCIL (full length)
1) Despreately
2) Good Life
3) Brings Me Down-(Slingle) On every college Radio station nation wide. Number of spins and stations upon request
4) Earth Is Hell
5) Run Run
6) Intro
7) Water Pipe Bong
8) But Me
9) Time Is Standing Still
10) Save me
11) Will I ever Fit In
12) Stand Alone
13) Simple Man
14) No One Left
15) Stand Alone ( rap version)

Produced by Bobby Brooks ( P.O.D./ Zebrahead)

Spit In My Eye was recorded at Ocean Way Recording in Hollywood, CA. Music video for "Meltdown" single produced and directed by Gobi from l'orange studios, known for his work with Nine Inch Nails and Tupac Shakur.



Currently, after comnig home from their fall/winter 2007 tour with Tech N9ne, Dog Faced Gods is playing regionally and locally, increasing their fan base with every step.

Not long before this, when they completed their late 2005 tour with Century Media recording artist Brand New Sin, Dog Faced Gods saw a lineup change with new guitar player Aaron Brown, and bassist William Winburn.

This foursome has an edgy, yet melodic sound with influences that range from memorable artists like Alice In Chains, Godsmack, Sevendust, and Metallica. Add in the bands own eclectic flavor of up-tempo rock and emotionally charged, down to earth ballads, and one soon realizes that there is no place Dog Faced Gods can't take their performance, whether electric or acoustic.

The title for the latest record, Spit In My Eye, believe it or not, came from a day when the band was hanging out at the reservation. Bats were flying around and one of the guys suddenly screamed out "The Bat!!! It Spit In My Eye!!!" He was serious, he actually thought the bat spit in his eye. No one knows if it actually did though.