Dog Latin

Dog Latin


A unique hybrid of folk, rock, country and various other flavors, combined in a musical mix that has been described variously as "garage folk"... "an enigma wrapped in a riddle"... and "the Velvet Underground playing country music.


Dog Latin is an ever-changing, evolving, revolving door of musical creativity. Once a three-piece electric guitar/bass/drums combo, Dog Latin was revived by founder Chris McGorey in 2005, as a trio featuring acoustic guitar, bass, and erhu (Chinese fiddle). Since then, the line-up has continued to rotate, and the debut Dog Latin cd, "Asunder", is a reflection of that musical diversity.



Written By: Chris McGorey

You can catch me before I go under
But don’t try to put me asunder
You can rob me blind, steal my thunder
Just don’t attempt to put me asunder

Once I stood and I stared at you in wonder
That was long before you put me asunder
Now I’ve come to realize my blunder
Never again will I be put asunder

I've been out in the wind and the rain and the rolling thunder
On a sinking ship full of bitter from down under
Hell-bent and ready to rob, pillage and plunder
And no one dares to put me asunder

Cause I stood and I stared at you in wonder
Way before the day you put me asunder
And I've learned a thing or three from my own blunder
And never again will I be put asunder
No never again will I be put Asunder


Dog Latin - Asunder (full-length cd, 2007)

Chris McGorey - "Ivor's Demise" - track featured on Songwriters Anonymous Compilation Volume 1. Available from

Dog Latin - Cycling (featured on "Whispers from the Offing", a various artists compilation paying tribute to the music of Kevin Coyne - Life and Living Records, 2006)

Dog Latin - Take on the Bowers (from "The World is Full of Fools", a fan tribute to Kevin Coyne, 2005)

Dog Latin - On Christmas/Politeness in the Holiday Season (12" vinyl single, Quagmire Records)

Dog Latin - A Sick Individual - Bonus track featured on cassette version of "It Came From The Garage", a Michigan indie music compilation on Wanghead Records (out of print).

Set List

The Way to the Way Back Home
White Knuckles
Railroad Town
Ivor's Demise
Spirit of the Dead of the Night
My New Friend
The Philosopher
Treetop Fortress
Captain Jackson
The Bonus and the Hidden Track
Gospel of Jeremy
White Flight
No Pictures
Bob Dylan - Fourth Time Around
Bob Dylan - Lo and Behold
Bob Dylan - Tombstone Blues
Beatles - Piggies
Grateful Dead - Ripple
Handsome Family - Lake Geneva
John Cale - Ship of Fools
John Cale - Buffalo Ballet
Gene Clark - Train Leaves Here This Morning
Kevin Coyne - Cycling
Loudon Wainwright III - Me and My Friend the Cat
Loudon Wainwright III - New Paint
Loudon Wainwright III - Come a Long Way
Rolling Stones - Backstreet Girl
Rolling Stones - Child of the Moon
Ronnie Lane - Annie
Ronnie Lane - The Poacher
Scott Walker - 30th Century Man
Tim Hardin - Lady Came From Baltimore
Townes Van Zandt - Two Girls
Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning
Velvet U