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Machias, Washington, United States | SELF

Machias, Washington, United States | SELF
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"Classic Rock Magazine"

This lot come from Seattle, have a biker-friendly metal boogie sound and a tobacco spitting, redneck roistering attitude. And Dog Leg Preacher provide our latest Track Of The Day. Click here for previous Tracks Of The Day.

Half a dozen or so years ago, a band’s CD landed on my desk. Said band was from Seattle(ish), and they were called Dog Leg Preacher. Here’s the review I did of ‘em in 2001(ish) for A paper called New York Waste:

“Dog Leg Preacher already win whatever the fuckk game we’re playing here, on the basis of their name alone, so even a passing affair with full blown rockage would be enough for me, but dig- Halen ‘78 licks peal out of the speakers, followed by the sproing of one of those rattler tail things ZZ Top used to dig, and some kind of high pitched screech tears through the din: ‘Well, it’s Saturday night, and I’m feelin’ alright!’ 13 tracks of fingerless gloved flash metal biker boogie ensue.

“Seattle bred, but born to die in with their boots on in Sturgis, Dog Leg are the muddy saviours of all the outlaws, crazy girls, twitchy f**kers in mirrored shades, and fist fighting rock and roll animals abandoned in the wake of the grunge era. If your idea of a real cool time involves pig roasts and chicks in half-shirts chomping at mustard slathered hot dogs on a string – and it should be – then I got your house band right here, citizen.”

So, that was that. They released a manly follow-up a couple years later, but I hadn’t heard from them in a veritable month of Sundays. And then I got an out-of-the-blue email from DLP main-man Jon Fosdick, who was happy to report that the Preacher did, eventually, make it to Sturgis. In fact, they made a whole movie about the affair. It’s called Hang Me, and it apparently is filled with many twists, turns, chills, and spills. I have not seen it yet, but my guess is that it’s bad-ass. There’s a semi-harrowing 30-second teaser-trailer available on their Myspace page, so check it out.

Dog Leg also just finished a brand spankin’ new record called Abscess, from which we offer up our Track Of The Day. There is even more mayhem and craziness going on in the Dog Leg camp – honestly, these guys live it like Skynyrd on $5 a day – so dig deep into their songs and stories for a seriously hair-raising rock ‘n’ roll journey.

In the meantime, there’s the bottle-smashing, gear-grinding, eyes n’ teeth rock n’ roll of Abcess to contend with. Here, courtesy of the band, is Ashes. Naturally, it smokes.

Check out their MySpace page for info on the CD, the movie, and the heaps o’ trouble that chase this band so relentlessly.

– Sleazegrinder - Classic rock magazine

"FMQB top Albums charts #28"

FMQB Top Metal Albums
Rank Artist Album Record Label Spins
1 Immortal All Shall Fall Nuclear Blast 2
2 Nile Those Whom the Gods Detest Nuclear Blast 2
3 Fear Factory "Powershifter" Single Candlelight 2
4 Agathodaimon Phoenix E1 Entertainment 2
5 Hackneyed Burn After Reaping E1 Entertainment 2
6 Throwdown Deathless E1 Entertainment 2
7 Volbeat The Strength/The Sounds/The Songs Mascot 2
8 It Dies Today Lividity Trustkill 2
9 Rammstein Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da Vagrant 2
10 3 Inches Of Blood Here Waits Thy Doom Century Media 1
11 Epica Design Your Universe Nuclear Blast 1
12 Hypocrisy A Taste Of Extreme Divinity Nuclear Blast 1
13 Nile Those Whom the Gods Detest Nuclear Blast 1
14 Coalesce OX EP Relapse 1
15 Revocation Existence Is Futile Relapse 1
16 Fear Factory "Powershifter" Single Candlelight 1
17 3 Revisions Metal Blade 1
18 Impious Death Domination Metal Blade 1
19 Red Chord Fed Through The Teeth Machine Metal Blade 1
20 Katatonia Night Is The New Day Peaceville 1
21 Hackneyed Burn After Reaping (E1 Entertainment 1 spin 1
22 Marduk Wormwood (Regain 1 spin 1
23 Siegfried Nibelung (Napalm 1 spin 1
24 Destruction The Curse Of The Antichrist: Live In Agony AFM 1
25 Phantom Communique The Wolf And The Sheep Preview EP American Voodoo 1
26 Slayer World Painted Blood American/Columbia 1
27 Gaza He Is Never Coming Back Blackmarket/Metal Blade 1
28 Dog Leg Preacher Abscess DLP Entertainment 1
29 Agathodaimon Phoenix E1 Entertainment 1
30 Throwdown Deathless E1 Entertainment 1
31 2 Cents Dressed To Kill Eight O Five 1
32 Mudvayne 3 Song EP Epic 1
33 Converge Axe To Fall Epitaph 1
34 Blanc Faces Falling From The Moon Frontiers 1
35 Jaded Heart Perfect Insanity Frontiers 1
36 W.E.T. Work of Art Frontiers 1
37 Fashion Bomb Visions Of The Lifted Veil Full Effect 1
38 Genitorturers Blackheart Revolution G Force 1
39 Atreyu Congregation Of The Damned Hollywood 1
40 Age Of Evil Get Dead EP Independent 1
41 Vried Milorg Indie Recordings/The End 1
42 Devin Townsend Band Addicted InsideOut 1
43 Shadow Gallery Digital Ghosts InsideOut 1
44 Tangent Down And Out In Paris And London InsideOut 1
45 Saviours Accelerated Living Kemado 1
46 Volbeat The Strength/The Sounds/The Songs Mascot 1
47 Halford Winter Songs Radio Sampler Metal God Entertainment 1
48 Death Valley Screamers "Bonnie & Clyde" Single Moon 1
49 Arcanium The Architects Music Gallery Intl. 1
50 Sleep Serapis Sleep The Dark Awakening N/A 1
51 11th Hour Burden of Grief Napalm 1
52 Arkona Goi, Rode, Goy Napalm 1
53 Leaves Eyes Njord Napalm 1
54 Shrinebuilder Shrinebuilder Neurot 1
55 Gorgoroth Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt Regain 1
56 The Company Band The Company Band Restricted Release 1
57 Tension Head Do Or Die Revolution Music 1
58 Taking Dawn Time To Burn Roadrunner 1
59 Trans-Siberian Orchestra Night Castle Sampler Roadrunner 1
60 Mongrel Revenge EP Screaming Ferret 1
61 Meriwether "Plug In The Snakes" Digital Sampler Self Released 1
62 The Flood 3 Song EP Self Released 1
63 City Of Fire City Of Fire Shostroud 1
64 Gwen Stacy A Dialogue Solid State 1
65 AC/DC Backtracks Sony/Legacy 1
66 Pelican What We All Come To Need Southern Lord 1
67 These Are They Who Linger The End 1
68 ArmsBendBack ArmsBendBack Trustkill 1
69 Outbreak Outbreak Trustkill 1
70 Rammstein Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da Vagrant 1
71 Noriega Desolo Viable 1
72 Before There Was Rosalyn The Fuhrer Victory 1
73 Between The Buried And Me The Great Misdirect Victory 1

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"Dog Leg Preacher"

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A los 21
MARCELO PORTARO: Peruano y la rompe

Cuando el pasado 22 de mayo, en Rock Around the Blog -desde Santa Clara, California- publicábamos una nota que titulamos Y SE LLAMA PERÚ, referida al peruanísimo vals del compositor Augusto Polo Campos, un poco más al norte, en el J.R. Phinikeys de Marysville, Washington, un peruano hacía su debut en un conjunto local llamado Dog Leg Preacher. Su nombre es Marcelo Portaro.

El grupo, que, aunque por su fuerza suena a banda completa, era un trío hasta que su vocalista, Joe Kurke, dejó el bajo para dedicarse enteramente a cantar. Su puesto fue cubierto por Solomon Kane, quien se adhirió a Dog Leg tan solo un mes después del peruano.

Con influencias de Hendrix, Vai y Satriani (y Malmsteen, y Blackmore, y, seguramente, muchos más), Marcelo Portaro llegó a Dog Leg Preacher en mayo de este año, luego de concluir sus estudios de música en Barcelona, España, en donde reside, con el perdón de algunos amigos músicos, nuestro mejor guitarrista de rock fuera del Perú (Carlos Kakutani). Su amigo Álvaro, con quien Marcelo fue al colegio en su natal Lima, lo delata como un vegetariano quien, paradójicamente con respecto al nombre de su nueva banda, no come carne...

Marcelo, Jon y Joe en escena. (FOTO: Dog Leg Preacher).

Completa el conjunto, el baterista Jon Fosdick (Screaming Skunk para los amigos), quien maneja los estudios Screaming Skunk en el noroeste americano. Jon, quien junto a Kurk formó el grupo en 2001, es además un multi instrumentista y, hasta la llegada de Kane y Portaro, el escritor principal. Pero, en adelante, con el arribo del joven peruano, el futuro de Dog Leg Preacher, que anda finalizando su siguiente placa, se muestra plenamente promisorio. Que viva el rock, y los peruanos, carajo! Para muestra un botón.

Javier Lishner
Santa Clara, California
24 de junio de 2008 - Javiier Lishner

"Dog Leg Preacher"

To give you some idea of just how hardcore Dog Leg Preacher is, they have a song about Ted Bundy, “Sable,” on their MySpace page, complete with a picture of the notorious serial killer. Despite the eeriness, it’s a catchy little number that you can sing-along with while shaking your fist in the mosh pit. Obviously influenced by such extreme metal bands as Dio and Danzig, the band features soaring guitar licks, tight and steady beats, and fever-pitched vocals.

Formed in 2001 by drummer Jon Fosdick and vocalist/bassist Joe Kurke, Dog Leg took metal, shook it feverishly and spewed out a kind of music that combines straight-up rock with complex melodies. Fosdick pens the aggressive lyrics that “Captain” Kurke screams at the top of his lungs, while guitarist Marcelo Portaro provides the monstrous licks and multifaceted solos. The band’s two discs, 2001’s #1 and 2009’s Abscess, have both found global success.

[Cedarwood Dome, Nov. 23-24, 9 p.m., $10, 7404 Pacific Hwy. E., Milton, 253.922.5727] - The Weekly Volcano

"Dog Leg Preacher"

Dog Leg Preacher ( Dog Leg Preacher already win whatever the fuck game we're playing here on the basis of their name alone, so even a passing affair with full blown rockage would be enough for me, but dig- Halen '78 licks peal out of the speakers, followed by the sproing of one of those rattler tail things ZZ Top used to dig, and some kind of high pitched screech tears through the din- "Well, it's Saturday night, and I'm feelin' alright!" 13 tracks of fingerless gloved flash metal biker boogie ensue. Seattle bred, but born to die in with their boots on in Sturgis, Dog Leg are the muddy saviors of all the outlaws, crazy girls, twitchy fuckers in mirrored shades, and fist fighting rock and roll animals abandoned in the wake of the grunge era. If your idea of a real cool time involves pig roasts and chicks in half-shirts chomping at mustard slathered hot dogs on a string- and it should be- then I got your house band right here, citizen. - NY Waste

"Dog Leg Preacher"

I Dog Leg Precher sono un five-piece rock band composta da Captain Joe Kirk (voce), Razzmus T. Brown (chitarra), Albert Fish (basso), Paul Shaver (tastiere) e Jon Fosdick (batteria) attiva nella zona di Seattle alle prese con la registrazione del secondo lavoro previsto per l'inizio del prossimo anno.
Nel loro primo omonimo album il sound fortunatamente, non risente delle influenze della terra natia, ma bensì si orienta verso un class hard rock di chiaro stampo eighties. Il cd parte benissimo con la ZZ TOP-iana e movimentata "Ready To Fight", con la ritmata "Long Gone", con l'eletricche "Hang Me" e "Rain" di matrice MEDICINE WHEELS e con la sculettante "Wheapon With Legs", poi si scende leggermente di tono per qualche traccia fino a "Hot Summer Nights". Il giudizio rimane molto positivo, ma aspetto il come-back discografico per consacrarli una gran bella sorpresa!
Screaming Skunk - 1901 Machias Road, Lake Stevens, WA 98258 (USA)
- Slamrocks Magazine

"KISM Radio 92.9 FM"

Sunday, July 19th - Dog Leg Preacher is a hard rockin' group from the Snohomish area. They've developed a down and dirty rock sound that reverberates through a new CD filled with solid riffs and good lyrics. The album's title, Abcess, came from the group's drummers brush with a brain abcess. Sounds funky, but it inspired some nice lyric writing. Note: The producer of this quality recording, Tom Pfaeffle was killed tragically the day before the group appeared on the show. My sympathies to the band and Tom Pfaeffle's family, all of whom deeply shaken by this tragedy.

Pooner Clark KISM FM 92.9 - Pooner Clark

"Marysville Globe"

Marysville Globe Reporter
Sep 23 2009

MARYSVILLE — Writing a full album of songs would be hard enough for many folks, but Marysville's Jon Fosdick did it while recovering from a seizure.

Fosdick had previously recorded a solo album in 2001, which "did well" overseas, but other obligations had always interfered with his ability to play at shows to which he was invited.

Fosdick's life changed abruptly four years ago when he was driving and experienced "a full-tilt seizure." Fortunately, he was able to pull over to the side of the road to avoid an accident, but the hospital diagnosed him with two abscesses in his brain. Over the course of the next five months, he was treated at two different hospitals and received a craniotomy. Although cancer was ruled out, he was still sent home with a series of antibiotics, as well as a new perspective.

"That was about the time that I realized life is short, and you don't get second chances," said Fosdick, who began writing a second album while he was recovering from his seizure.

This year, he recorded those tracks in a studio with fellow Marysville resident Vogard Kane, Marcelo Portaro and "Capt. Joe" Kurke, as part of "Dog Leg Preacher," his new band. Fosdick described the band's music as "very straightforward rock music, stripped down alley-rock," while Kane suggested it has "a power pop sound, with hints of the classic greats." Fosdick actually wrote more songs than the band could fit on the album.

Fosdick remembers first getting into music at the age of 7, and playing professionally with a band starting at 14. Dog Leg Preacher has already played a number of shows around the Puget Sound region, and a few of their songs are starting to get some airplay on area radio stations, including KISM in Bellingham.

Kane recalls his friend Fosdick being much more "blustery" before his seizure, whereas now, he sees him as "more contemplative and willing to think things through, but still colorful."

As for Fosdick himself, he pointed to "Ashes," the first track on Dog Leg Preacher's album, as a perfect description of his feelings after his seizure.

"Whatever you intend to do, you'd better get busy doing it," Fosdick said. "It's hard to understand until it happens to you. I never thought something like this would happen to me.

"I love playing music," he added. "If you love something like football, you can't still be doing it when you're 70, but I can enjoy playing music the rest of my life."

To learn more about Dog Leg Preacher, you can log onto My Space page or Screaming Skunk Web site.

Marysville Globe Reporter Kirk Boxleitner can be reached at or 360-659-1300. - Marysville Globe


#1 cd released in 2001 to much critical acclaim resulting in international airplay. the second album Abscess released in late 2009 is currently charting on FMQB and CMJ charts. It is recieving international airplay on hundreds of stations worldwide.



Dog Leg Preacher. What sets us apart?? It's the show. And the sound. You have to see it to believe it. Experienced players with a rare vocal sound reminiscent of AC/CD, Motley Crue, etc. We're worldwide and have regular listeners in Europe and Asia, and as far away as Australia. If you are interested in finding out more about us, just 'google' the band name - first 3-4 pages are all about us...Set aside enough time to read it - there are reviews in many languages, too!