Dogme 95

Dogme 95


Think Smog and the Microphones meet with Leadbelly to rock it in the garden of Brian Eno. Oh, and the Animal Collective are mixing the record.


Dogme 95 is based out of Chicago and strives to push the limits of sound by combining intricate song structure with honest and moving melodies. To imagine the Dogme project think Smog/Beck meets Kraftwerk in the garden of Motown. I really enjoy old blues and prison chants from the recordings of Alan Lomax, as well as synth oriented artists such as Brian Eno and David Byrne. Then again, I do strive to someway combine these contrasting ideas and the results thus far are extraodinary. Arcadian Hymns was released in May of 2005, which helped to modernize the chants of early day with explorative indie rock. This received great reviews from Vice Magazine, Big Take Over, Pop Matters, Mundane Sounds, Drowned in Sound (UK), and more.... Dogme 95 was featured at CMJ in 2005 and also shot a video for Nirvana's "Breed" with Mark Borchardt of American Movie fame.

In 2006, Empyrean Records (Secretly Canadian and ADA) released "The Reagle Beagle" which is the fictional story of Dogme 95 on the boat with Charles Darwin during his studies of evolution and survival of the fittest. There will be 5 months of touring based around this record. And press handled by Track Star Media PR.

My name is Nick and I am orginally from Dallas, TX.


All songs...

Written By: Dogme 95

C'mon...the songs speak for themselves.

I.kid. email me if you want lyrics.

thanks Nick


Demons and Rare Meat (2004) comp.
Dirty Shirty (2005) comp. of 10,000 pressed.
Arcadian Hymns (2005) Mission label
Vice Magazine (2005) DVD w/ Animal Collective
Mundane Sounds (2005) comp. of best artist 2005
The Reagle Beagle (out 2006) Empyrean Records

Set List

About a 45 min set or shorter or longer...
Civil War
Teach me to read o' darwin
Calm and Tame
Ocean Floor
Traffic Light Up My Spine
Notes to Taveler
Table Talks and Walks
Float Sting Butterfly
Simplify Me Westworld