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Dog Of Panic

Springfield, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Springfield, Illinois, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Rock Alternative




""Tip of the Tongue" Album Review #1"

Dog Of Panic is a very talented group of artists out of Springfield, Illinois whose style resonates with several captivating genres of music. Dog Of Panic’s new LP, “Tip Of The Tongue” has hit the market and is available on multiple digital platforms. Their music uses a lot of creative components that really color the compositions on this new album. Some of which include excellent chord progressions and guitar picking patterns that heighten the versatility of their music. This LP contains a mixture of complex guitar pieces peppered with hard rock, alternative, and a mixture of their own authentic sound. Dog of Panic have established an original sound that takes vintage concepts of earlier punk rock and funk; fusing them into a new and improved modern sound. In addition, the harmonic vocals really mesh well with this type of music and adds yet another impressive dynamic to their professional status as musicians. The lush guitar strums accompanied by the boomy bass hits work extremely well together in this style of music. I loved the analog warmth of the album; it brings out an older kind of sound where saturators were prevalent from tape distortion. You can tell that Dog Of Panic put in a lot of work, not only in the studio, but on an engineering aspect as well. The instrumentals are very clear and the vocals really cut through their mixes, which is uncommon of independent artists today. Most indy artists just want to push any song out no matter what the quality; you have to respect a group of musicians who put that much time and dedication into their art. The panning, effects, reverbs, and delays create an exciting experience for the listener. I would recommend listening to it with headphones to take in the minute details that highly distinguish the character of the songs. The EQ and compression is done very professionally as well. I am really excited to see this band blossom and it seems as though they have found their true north in the music industry. Check out Dog of Panic’s newest LP– in stores now if you want to hear innovative, conscious music that is leading this genre in the right direction!

1. Favorite song on the album- “Sauce or No Sauce” - Carson Lee: Prescott Productions, LLC

""Tip of the Tongue" Album Review #2"

Dog Of Panic is a difficult band to describe thoroughly. The obvious influences of punk, funk, and alternative rock is a good starting point, but spurts of metal riffs, psychedelic licks, classic rock jams, and smoother pop-rock influences creep up throughout their album "Tip Of TheTongue," and I'd daresay they offer a little bit of something for everyone that likes the brand of rock that existed before "heavy" meant that you couldn't hear what the vocalist was actually singing. While the vocalist,Daniel Joseph Rohde, may never win an award for his singing voice, the vocals are extremely distinct and well utilized.

It may fall on unaware ears, but the time signatures used throughout their song are a bit on the peculiar side when compared to the majority of popular music hitting the airwaves these days. This intricate timing is well orchestrated between the bandmates, and would probably fall short for bands that weren't as skilled with composition.

There are some stand out tracks on the album. While I don't assume "Alton" would be a listener favorite, I do think that the huge range of sounds makes it such a unique song that if you weren't actively listening, you might think the song had changed during its six minutes… the same song includes metal riffs and almost-hippie psychedelic influences. Their incredible mix of styles carries on very well with the next song with classic rock, metal, and punk influences.

The only downside to this huge mix of sounds is that the vocalist does not typically follow the same dynamic range as the music within these songs, which is a damn shame. If the vocalist does have this range, it's not obvious to me. If he doesn't, the band made a wise decision to avoid trying to force it. Lyrically, the band mixes what sounds as serious as it does humorous.

Maybe this says more about me than the band, but lyrically,my favorite song was "Pee In Your Butt." Not only is the music more on the mellow end of rock, but the lyrics are quite hilarious. It doesn't showoff the band's skill as well as some of the other songs, but I think sonically,it's probably the most widely appealing to the common listener… if they can get past the lyric's risqué message.

Basically put, if you love guitar rock, you'll probably love the music even if you aren't sold on the vocals or lyrics. If you give Dog Of Panic's "Tip Of The Tongue" a listen, and don't like what you are hearing,wait a minute or two, and you'll likely be affronted with a fresh riff. Guitar rock lovers will cream themselves. Others may need to approach with caution,but are bound to find something they enjoy, even if it's just a funny lyric like "I wanna pee in your butt." - Robert Louis Henry, Leaf Garden Press

"Dog Of Panic"

Dog of Panic enters your ears with their tunes and leave a residue there that has you wanting more of the same. This band rocks! In a pop filled music world, most artist tend to focus on one style and one sound because their marketing gurus tell them that’s what they have to do to succeed.
Artist like these band mates; Daniel Joseph Rohde (Composition, Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar Composition), Jason Holmes (Drums/Percussion Composition), Josh Begué (Bass Performance and Composition), Chris Maxey (Lead Guitar Composition, Bass Composition) are to be admired they are creative and branch out in different directions letting their talents lead them. So you end up with awesome original grooves that don’t get boring.
I got hooked listening to “Sauce or No Sauce?” a tune that gets you grooving from the start and makes you smile because some folks are still creating new directions and Dog of Panic is one of those groups of folks. Have yourself a listen….hey support the independents, too pick up their album while you are listening too. - David Price


I recently purchased Dog of Panic's new album Epsilon and have really enjoyed listening to it. The group identifies itself as "Fusion / Progressive / Rock", which I can hear on a couple of the tracks, but this album feels more solidly in the metal category to me.

I can hear many influences in their music including Black Sabbath, Tool, Megadeth, and Metallica. These influences are blended well and flow seamlessly back and forth throughout the tracks. For instance, "Lysergic" starts with music that is very reminiscent of Tool, and then intersperces drum patterns that are more typical of Metallica. The vocal sound though is completely unique.

As you may already be able to tell by the influences that I was able to pick out, Epsilon is rhythm centered with driving, guitars that are - for the most part - heavily distorted. Although, there are a few exceptions. "Learning To Overcome" is more melodic than much of the rest of the album and uses less distortion.

The message on Epsilon varies between songs, but many of the tracks are thought provoking. "The Missionary" points out how people have committed atrocities and justified their actions by claiming that they were serving God. "Long Live America" is about the contradictions and misconceptions of America: removing freedoms to provide a sense of security (even though we were founded on freedom, not security) and the notion that those who work hard will get rich ("American Dream"). Being trapped by your own internal struggles is the theme of "The Cell". "Bewbs", by contrast, is a humorous track much in the vein of songs on "The Bob & Tom Show".

With its sound influenced by many of the greats and its unique vocals and clear messages, Dog of Panic's Epsilon is a sturdy addition to any metal collection. - Music Reviews


Still working on that hot first release.



Dog Of Panic is a seasoned band with a bright future. The group excels at creating a mashup of their favorite genres:

- The technicality and odd time signatures of Progressive Rock/Metal
- The groove, danceability, and improvisation of Jam Music & Funk
- The catchy hooks of Singer-Songwriters & Radio Rock
- The earnest lyrics of Punk & Classic Rock & Roll

Dog Of Panic walks on an unbeaten path of creativity, straying away from the norms of their peers, while staying mindful of the importance of hooks & melody. 

The band's objective is not to alienate, but to celebrate the beauty and diversity of music!

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