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The best kept secret in music


"Toners 06 (before new album)"

"The ever unpredictable Dograck took to the stage in a flurry of chaos and noise, falling and flailing, guitars were plugged into amps and rage was unleashed. Playing the first of two gigs in two nights they smashed and crashed their way through their repertoire, the punishing rhythms encasing their looping melodies and pouring out in a vast torrent of glorious noise. The quality is there with this band but they still haven’t taken it to the level they could. Perhaps some intensive touring could help them get there or perhaps another trip to the studio. Either way they’ve been around long enough now to know that you have to take a step up on some stage or else you’ll be off it. Here’s hoping they do, as they have the potential to be a louder counterpart to the Redneck Manifesto."

- liam tyrell, drop-d


The Eps have all been snapped up by the DIY community, and i dont think there's any left but i think the guys have a coupe of oldies on their myspace page. Now and again you can catch them on phantom fm radio station.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Dograck began in 2002. Fusing Ronan's love of disjointed grunge and melodic music, Kev's mater base grooves (inspired by many types of soul, funk and reggae), and Paul harris' (ex-drummer) ability to beat the hell out of drums with power and accuracy, the shape of dograck had been cast.
The early stages of the band thrashed out porgressive, alternative rock with a punk rock, DIY attitude. Thay started playing small gigs in bars, nightcubs, community centres, parish halls etc.
They have had 4 EPs, recorded in a small studio in Donnaghmede, 15 minutes from home. All of which were burned, printed and issued by the band in a DIY manner. They released it themselves to many underground DIY shops around Dublin and at the distro stand at live shows. The guys are currently putting the finishing touches on their newest full length 11 track which sounds similar to their older, more "Dograck sounding" tunes, but with a lot more maturity, a more melodic twist and a more professional attidude towards getting it out there.