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V/A - Bottle Of smoke Compilation
"Scorpions Of The Night"

V/A - Woodbriodge Legion Benefit Comp.
"Wheels Of Destruction"

Full Length in progress



• DOGS were “born of evil conception” in Toronto in the early days of the 21st century. Rising like a pheonix from the ashes of
FYRE, DOGS had its beginnings in a grimy, smoke filled, beer soaked pay-by-the-hour practice space in Toronto.
• Former FYRE members Stetson Malone and Nice Jay recruted friends Cactus, Coco Morris and Point Five Maclutchen into the fold
adopting the new moniker DOGS. Keeping a few jams from the FYRE days, DOGS set out writing new songs which proved to
be a difficult venture as most members of DOGS play in at least one other band if not more.
• Summer 2003 saw the first DOGS show happening in of all places, Moncton NB. The band decided to crash the stage after a
Coldbluesky set during their East Coast summer tour. Okay, only three songs were played and Oldman Yates of Coldbluesky
filled in as lead guitar player in Cactus’ stead, but it was “something to behold”, or so say the five audience members in
attendance that particular night.
• In July of 2003 DOGS entered the studio to record a couple of demos. One song in particular, ‘Scorpions Of The Night’ found it’s
way onto the Bottle of Smoke CD compilation released a year later on Rubber Factory Records. A side note, the members of
DOGS appear, in some form or another, on the Bottle of Smoke compilation a grand total of 16 times, though it is debatable if
this is a good thing or a bad thing.
• It was three years before the members of DOGS were to enter the studio again, this time to attempt recording a full length and
record their version of the song ‘Hops And Barley’ for a Leatherface tribute CD that Rubber Factory Records will be releasing
sometime in 2007. This recording was abandoned though as the band and studio had a bit of a falling out. The band simply
were not pleased with the results they were getting in the studio. And with members already busy with other projects it all just
seem to fall by the wayside.
• Over all these years DOGS played shows, a bit of a rare occassion, but that made it all the more legendary. Known for their ‘party
band’ antics and the ‘Stetson Stomp’, ever performance became more of an event getting the crowd involved and just having a
good time.
• While generating their own following, the band was lucky enough to getting local opening spots for touring bands including such
acts as Fat Wreck Chords artists None More Black and The Sainte Catherines, No Idea Artists Fifth Hour Hero, and Asian Man’s
The Queers to name but a few. Locally the band has made friends with many bands including Maximum RNR, Sinkin’ Ships
and Hell Yeah Fuck Yeah, generating more fans and a whole lot more party.
• In the fall 2006, DOGS were informed that they were nominated for “Best Punk Band in Toronto” at the 2006 Toronto Independent
Music Awards. To the bands surprise, they actually won (see attached award, that some serious stuff right there!).
• 2007 sees the band having played more show in five months than the whole of 2004 and 2005 combined. There are also plans
to enter Sleepytown Sound Studios, with Ryan A. Mills (producer of The Old Soul and Born Ruffians) at the controls in June to
pick up the pieces of the abandoned recording. Hopefully there will be a finished product ready for release by August or
Septemeber of this year. Plans of course for more shows all over Southern Ontario and most certainly in support of the new
record when it’s finished. What’s next? We shall see but as always DOGS will rely on the “Wings Of Steel’ to carry them home.