Dogs and Bones
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Dogs and Bones

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Band Rock Blues


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"Crane's Hollywood Tavern"

Dogs and Bones
Crane’s Tavern
Hollywood, CA
Contact: Phil Cohen,
The Players: Greig McRitchie,
guitar, vocals; Phil Cohen, drums,
vocals; Steve (Liberty) Loria, bass,
backing vocals.
Material: Loud, simple and direct,
Dogs and Bones are a high energy
power trio whose blues rock-based
material invokes sounds like the
Rolling Stones, the Doors (sans
the organ) and even Johnny Cash.
Their lyrics are intelligent and poke
fun at love and life, similar to the
lyrical style of George Thorogood.
Set stand-outs include a Rolling
Stones’ vibe tune, “Here for You,”
and “Rescue Me,” a rockabilly
song, both of which are catchy and
possess a real commercial sound.
Musicianship: This trio comprise
a seasoned group of players who
come to the table with years of
experience. Frontman McRitchie’s
command of his guitar is striking.
He uses a formulaic approach with
his riffs, yet still manages to give Dogs and Bones: Seasoned players with crowd-pleasing appeal.
the sound a unique signature. His
voice is smooth and is perfect for
blues-style music. Sharing lead
vocals is drummer Cohen, who has
a more gritty vocal approach and is
a solid timekeeper. Blending simple
background beats with groovy lead
lines, Loria’s agility on bass serves
as the backbone of the band.
Performance: Dogs and Bones
were spot-on this evening and they
appeared to have as much fun on
stage as the audience for whom
they were performing. McRitchie
effectively played the role of cool
rock & roll frontman and Cohen
played the wild and energetic
drummer with a frenzy of beats and
flailing sticks. Loria also played it
cool wearing a top hat and making
special whoops and hollers in
addition to singing backup vocals.
Summary: Dogs and Bones present
a batch of catchy and fun
songs that are brought to life by
musicians who love to play music
and are really adept at it. Years
of experience and a true passion
for playing result in a stirring live
––Anne O’Neary
Red Baraat Festival: A party scene where cultures and styles collide.
Red Baraat Festival
Santos Party House
New York, NY
The Players: Sunny Jain, dhol,
percussion, vocals; Rohin Khemani,
tavil, percussion; Tomas Fujiwara,
drumset, percussion; Arun Luthra,
soprano sax; Mike Bomwell, tenor
sax; MiWi La Lupa, bass trumpet;
Dave Smith, trombone; John Altieri,
Material: Unless you have witnessed
an Indian wedding or
marching band, to begin assigning
a genre to this music might be futile.
However, those familiar with
New Orleans funeral parades could
have a clue. Having said that, Red
Baraat is an even deeper fusion of
Anne O’Neary - Music Connection

"The Knitting Factory"

Live at The Knitting Factory in Los Angeles, Dogs and Bones Will Rock the House on Saturday, July 11th at 8:00pm
Thu Jul 9, 2009 7:12pm EDT
LOS ANGELES--(Business Wire)--
Following much-lauded performances and packed venues when they recently
performed atThe House of Blues,Viper Roomand Crane`s Hollywood Tavern, Dogs and
Bones will perform live this Saturday, July 11th at 8:00pm at The Knitting
Factory, located on 7021 Hollywood Boulevard. A three-piece modern band with its
roots entrenched in 60`s-influenced blues and rock, Dogs and Bones brings a
distinctive and high-energy "rockabilly" spin to hard rock.

It is the individual experience and sound of the three band members that fuses
together to create a surf psychedelic meets MoTown vibe. Frontman and guitarist
Greig McRitchie is formerly of The Hedonists, while drummer Phil Cohen hails
from famed band The Heaters. Bass player Steve "Liberty" Loria, who rocked the
world famous group Spirit, has also recorded with hip-hop artist Tricky.

Praised by Music Connection as a "high energy power trio whose blues rock-based
material invokes the sound of the Rolling Stones, The Doors and even Johnny
Cash," the band will perform crowd favorites such as "Crosses" and "Sometimes
It`s Better Not to Know," which are available for streaming at

Dogs and Bones is expected to return to the studio this summer and go back on
tour this fall. For more information on Dogs and Bones and how to purchase
tickets, please contact

Dogs and Bones, a Los Angeles-based trio band, has been performing together in
Southern California for just under two years. Frontman Greig McRitchie,
previously of The Hedonists,drummer Phil Cohen from the renowned band The
Heaters and bassist Steve "Liberty" Loria from the legendary group Spirit, have
come together with a powerful and bold new take on 60`s blues mixed with current
rock, wowing audiences with a unique and high-energy "rockabilly" sound.Dogs and
Bones`distinctive approach to music and performance on stage has set them apart
from their competitors and has garnered them a loyal following when they play at
Hollywood`s most famous venues, including The House of Blues and the Viper Room.
For more information on Dogs and Bones and scheduled performances please visit
their website at

- Reuters - business wire


EP (four song) titled RUFF

Working on second EP right now called, HERE COMES DOGS AND BONES.



Greig McRitchie and Phil Cohen began their unlikely partnership outside an LA club following a show by the White Stripes.

After working on original music for a few months with friend and bass player "Liberty", they played their first gig at a private and exclusive motion picture industry party.

They've since had successful gigs at HOUSE OF BLUES Hollywood, Knitting Factory LA and The Viper Room, and are now looking to expand their audience.

Phil Cohen, drummer was the driving force behind the legendary LA bands, THE HEATERS and MR. LUCKY, and has performed and recorded with numerous other famous acts.

Steve "Liberty" Loria, bass, played with the world famous SPIRIT led by Randy California.

Greig McRitchie, guitar, was the creator of "That New Sound" which HEDONIST were famous for.