Dogs Of Oz

Dogs Of Oz

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Dogs Of Oz is a punk rock reggae soul group. A three piece with guitar, bass, and drums. We bust the sound waves, drop the ragga, and take no prisoners. We are produced by Lincoln Parish of Cage the Elephant, and can treat and work a crowd like Iggy Pop playing to million people.


Dogs Of Oz was started and founded by it's three members, Greyson Anderson (guitar and voice), Davis Haley (Bass), and Zach Butler (Drums). We have two 15 year old's and one 14 year old, and come from Music City, Nashville, Tn. and hope to infiltrate Nashville's and everyone's airwaves with our punk reggae soul tunes. We are unsigned and are on the verge of releasing our very first vinyl EP entitled Pistols and Radio Signals produced by Lincoln Parish of Cage the Elephant. Give us a listen and if you like what you're hearing, blast it all day.


Pistols and Radio Signals EP (produced by Lincoln Parish of Cage the Elephant)