Dogs Of War

Dogs Of War


Heavy. Very, very heavy.


Formed in 2003, hailing from Perth’s northern suburbs, Dogs of War have carved an indelible niche in the Perth music scene. Fiercely independent from word go, their unique blend of polyrhythmic metal and confronting stage presence, crushes and confuses peers and admirers alike.

After three years honing their craft to local Perth punters, Dogs of War spent the second half of 2006 recording their debut EP “The Green Dream”. Well received by the local Perth crowd, the release provided a platform for the increased complexity and thick grooves that are a feature of the band’s new material.

Odd time signatures, belligerent tempo changes and an abrasive dissonance, compliment a resistance to conform to genre boundaries and stereotypes. Dogs of War are rhythmically based, progressively melodic, and brutally powerful.

With new tracks already recorded by renowned Australian producer Aidan Barton (I Killed The Prom Queen, Voyager, Pathogen), 2009 is set to be a big year for the band. Watch this space…..


2006 - The Green Dream EP
2009 - The Lions & Frustrate - new tracks streaming at

Set List

Sets consist of 40- 45 mins of brutality. Setlists contain a mixture of these songs: Frustrate, The Lions, Precise, Momentum, Stranger, Tendency, Consequences, Born/Unborn, Create, Seemingly Patient