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Embodying what a rock 'n roll band should be about, NYC's Dogs of Winter play a kind of sultry, sinewy hard rock devoid of pandering or excess. Instead, this trio opts to get down and dirty like Motorhead meeting the Foo Fighters on the bong-induced groove of 'Natasha' and the All versus Nirvana crunch of 'Thumbscrews.'

Armed with sweeping choruses, guitar fuzz galore and an airtight rhythm section that solidifies the foundation, CUT DOWN TO THE QUICK is an album whose hypnotically hazy riffs and thick delivery transcend metal, punk and stoner rock." -

"Review at Sea of Tranquility"

Think the raw urgency of the Deftones, the sloppy swagger of Queens of the Stone Age and the commercial sensibility of the Foo Fighters... The EP opens with the compulsively listenable modern-metal scorcher 'Spurs' before flirting ever so briefly with hardcore screams on 'Hard To Let Go.' 'Natasha' is a booze-filled plea and 'Thumbscrews' slams with addicitive aggression... The crashing finale, 'Three Body Problem,' serves as Cut Down To The Quick's heaviest track and portends the sonic direction Dogs of Winter might take next time. This record should feel right at home on modern-rock/metak radio. What the hell are the major labels waiting for? -

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A five song EP [Cut Down To The Quick], the album showcases the band's musical talent, proving to be heavy yet stylish and sophisticated. - The Aquarian


LP: "From Soil To Shale," Lapdance Academy Records (

EP: "Cut Down To The Quick," Exotic Recordings (

SINGLE: "Thumbscrews/Wicked Game," Exotic Recordings (

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WUTK - Knoxville, TN
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An elemental transition, indeed...

From Soil To Shale, the blistering 9-song full-length debut from DOGS OF WINTER, marks the trio's passage from decay and detritus into the splintery, dark mass of angular stone you see before you. Compressed under the weight of Russian amplification, steeped in science-fiction and late-night movies, the album comprises tales of gorgons, body-snatching extra-terrestrial nano-organisms, tribal-excommunication and the unceasing march of progress.

DoW's rhythm section churns the waters with their unexpected time-signatures as the guitars alternate between grinding power chords and delay-drenched psychedelia. And while there's too much math involved to classify it as "stoner metal," the band claims no responsibility if you end up as a divot on the high-school steps just because you "thought you could touch the sunset" while listening.

Their two singers work in tandem like skilled pickpockets; one second you're enjoying the show, the next thing you know you're face-down in an alley rubbing a lump on the back of your neck and your wallet's missing. Growling and screaming their way through these nine songs, they meet briefly on harmonies before running off again in different directions, bickering like an old married couple.

Mixed by Andrew Schneider (CAVE IN, PELICAN, SCISSORFIGHT, UNSANE) and mastered by Nick Zampiello (CONVERGE, TORCHE), "From Soil To Shale" features custom artwork by Joe Boyle, embedded in each individual track and the accompanying PDF digi-booklet.

Ya know, for those of you stoners who still read liner notes.