Dog Tooth

Dog Tooth


Dog Tooth is unpredictable pure entertainment. The band fires off a mix of homegrown blues, back porch stomps and primitive psychedelic freakouts. Stage presence and live performance is their weapon of choice. Dog Tooth is recording their first full length album to be released early this fall.


Dog Tooth began as a form rambling self-therapy for founding members Dr. Salami and Mr. Mozzarella. The two recorded a series of bedroom session EPs that circulated amongst their friends and favorite watering hole stereo systems, but refused to perform live. After three years of stubbornness they decided to recruit the like-minded PROVOLONE to play drums for the band in order to "get out there!", but not in proper venues - they opted to stick to what they called the house party circuit. The trio feeds off of the crowd and has an affinity for putting on wildly charismatic, theatrical performances that have included diaper wearing, mock executions, and gift giving.


Gimme The Look

Written By: Dog Tooth

I see you and you see me
and i don't give a damn if love is free
c'mon ooooh mommy gimme the look

yer cutoff jeans are drivin me mad
i wanna take you for a ride in my blue corvette
c'mon hey cutoffs gimme the look!

yer chunky thighs are givin me a rise
i never been with a woman even half yer size
c'mon hey fatty gimme the look

da da da da da da da da da
da da da da da da da da da
dadada anybody gimme the look.


Night of the Jackalope [EP]
Gimme the Look [EP]
Shanties, Panties, & Freakouts [EP]
GTO [Single]

Set List

Dog Tooth usually plays about 30-45 minute sets, but has plenty of material.
1. Good Morning
2. Dear Hannah
3. i whant yer money
4. This Ain't Yer Daddy's Luau
5. Moon, I'll Talk to You Later
6. McTassle's Revenge
7. Buy Our House
8. In the Lion's Den
9. Gimme the Look
10. Life's Not So Easy
11. We're All Full of Salt
12. Whale Chase
13. When We Cried
14. Susan
15. The British Are Coming!
16. Que culo
17. Now She Cries
18. What's Up Baby?/I Love Your Signature
19. Shave It Off
20. Daddy
21. Flowers in Space
22. Who Stole Our Home?
23. Deep Fried Jesus
24. The Big Man
25. Always Room for One More Lady
26. GTO
28. The Scarlet Hand
29. Pink Blue Light

They have been heard playing covers of CCR's "Susie Q", The Beatles - "Oh, Darling", a handful of Tom Waits tracks, and The Star Spangled Banner.