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"I fall in love with the first song I played just right now.Dog Whistle are my new favorite band from Poland. Love these girls and their music!!!! Favorite track so far: CHASE!!!!!!!!!" - Kaltblut Magazine

"Wired in #16: Dog Whistle"

Today we have Wired In's first interview with a band from Poland! Ania and Helena, the girls behind the Warsaw-based band Dog Whistle play toy casio and bass, sing together and manage to create a really hip sound. If their songs sound a little edgy it might be because the band is still young and their recording was not done professionally. Hear past that however and this particular roughness adds something to the music. They're definitely a band to look out for over the next few years! Co-founder Lena talked to E&M about why shitty groups can motivate you to start your own band, and about the people who inspire Dog Whistle's music, like her dad Krzysztof Marzec, the star of a famous Polish children's TV show. - Europe & Me:

"The Sunday Express vol. 6"

And finally, Ed Wood, who first performed as Lena (bass) and Ania (guitar), performing "I'm So Sad I Can't Stand". Then, it turned out they weren't Ed Wood (although they claimed so) and were joined onstage by Tomek, member of the real Ed Wood... - Niezal Codzienny

"Uruchomucho vol. 1 The Phantoms / Dog Whistle / Forma"

Uruchomucho to cykl koncertów, które pomagaja wypromowac sie utalentowanym muzykom, którzy graja na profesjonalnym poziomie, lecz nie pojawiaja sie w telewizji czy radiu.

9 wrzesnia wystapia The Phantoms czyli najslynniejsza polska grupa grajaca garazowego rock`n`rolla.
Dog Whistle czyli Ania i Lena, specjalistki od dwuminutowych piosenek granych na dwóch chwytach. Forma na koniec pierwszego dnia zaprezentuje ciezki, skomplikowany strukturalnie, melodyjny pop.

Koncerty w godz. 14.30-19.30
przed galeria Kordegarda

09.09 The Phantoms / Dog Whistle / Forma
16.09 Baasch / Robodrom / Vermones
23.09 Lagodna Pianka / Skubas / Space Buzz

15.09 Debata Jak poruszac sie po rynku muzycznym?

Udzial w koncertach i debacie jest bezplatny.
Organizatorzy: Kordegarda, Narodowe Centrum Kultury
Partnerzy: Fundacja Culture Shock, Delikatesy Esencja, Miuki
Patroni: Aktivist, Hiro


Koordynacja projektu: Anna Desponds, - Kordegarda gallery


Promo (2012)



It sounds like some romantic bullshit fairy tale, but is actually true: Two girls, who couldn't sing or play would meet from time to time in one bedroom to practice and gossip. One day, they met one of their Favourite Singers. After a few drinks, they sang her some of their songs. She was amused, laughed and asked them to open for her the next day. "But I don't even have my own guitar!" - said Anna. "I'll lend you mine" - the Favourite Singer answered . "But we've never sung to the mics"- said Lena. "I'll let you practice on stage before the show" - The Favourite Singer promised . "But what if you're drunk and you won't remember this conversation tomorrow?" asked Anna... Fortunately, The Favourite Singer turned out not to be as drunk as we expected. And so, the next day, we played our first 6 min gig. We still can't play, but since then, we've been confident enough to perform in public, so beware!! Here we come!