Dog Whistle

Dog Whistle


We sound like your parents picking up guitars for the first time in their lives!


It sounds like some romantic bullshit fairy tale, but is actually true: Two girls, who couldn't sing or play would meet from time to time in one bedroom to practice and gossip. One day, they met one of their Favourite Singers. After a few drinks, they sang her some of their songs. She was amused, laughed and asked them to open for her the next day. "But I don't even have my own guitar!" - said Anna. "I'll lend you mine" - the Favourite Singer answered . "But we've never sung to the mics"- said Lena. "I'll let you practice on stage before the show" - The Favourite Singer promised . "But what if you're drunk and you won't remember this conversation tomorrow?" asked Anna... Fortunately, The Favourite Singer turned out not to be as drunk as we expected. And so, the next day, we played our first 6 min gig. We still can't play, but since then, we've been confident enough to perform in public, so beware!! Here we come!



Written By: Helena Marzec, Anna Pytka

I saw you walking down the street
With a ladies' bag
I saw you dancing in a club
To Beach Boys and Pulp

My friends all say that you're a freak
And you've got spots
My friends all say that you're a jerk
Wearing white socks
But I'm gonna like you anyway x4

Last night I had a dream of you
Asking me out
Oh my God, I wish it could be true
But you're too shy

But I'm gonna like you anyway
I'm gonna like you anyway
So stay away, stay away


Written By: Helena Marzec, Anna Pytka

Since I saw your face
I just chase
And all my friends say I've got horrible taste
But I


Promo (2012)