willie rose

willie rose


if music can be felt our music will leave its mark in the minds and souls of men and women everywhere


the music that we write and play originates from the deepest darkest part of our souls and then purifies on the way up,as for influences collective soul,tool,finger eleven , throw alittle garth brooks in there with some johnny cash and a good spoonful of soundgarden you got'er


nomads heart

Written By: william rose

Im tearin down a highway
Im just north of saskatoon
noone comin my way
and I aint got nothin to lose
I hear that wind a blowin
its tryin to call me back home
I dont know where Im goin
but this is not where I belong

the nomads heart is what I bear
and I wish that I could still care
but in my mind I see a thousand miles between my heart and staying here

I feel my heart breaking
and the wind it speaks her name
I feel my spirit weeping
and I feel that Im to blame
enter in a whirlwind
the forces getting strong
I shouldnt keep on goin
but I must move on

(repeat chorus)

I'm runnin close to midnight
as the tears begin to fall
I think twice to turn around
as I feel my lovers call
despair is takin over as these demons haunt my past
I know I wanna hold her
but it could never last

(repeat chorus)

can't stay here.....