Dogwood Speaks

Dogwood Speaks


Dogwood Speaks gives an fun and entertaining live show. With songs that will make you dance, combined with a bluesy live feel that brings heavy drum beats and guitar licks topped off with some very distinctive vocals.


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The time has come again to introduce the world to someone new. Someone who isn't afraid to push the boundaries of music. Someone who dares to be different. Someone who whether you love or hate, you definitely will not forget. That someone, is Dogwood Speaks. As the face of music has changed over the years, so too has the sound. The future of music is here. No limitations. No boundaries. No rules. With a past laden in hip hop roots, Dogwood Speaks journeys beyond genres with a soulfully provocative sound. While leaving a budding rap career behind, Dogwood has taken with him the essence of his hip hop upbringing and meshed it with the spirit of the true western soul. "Cadillac Land" is his offering; a heartfelt album filled with tales of passion, triumph, pain, and glory. Together with Noble House producer extraordinaire Gennessee, Dogwood has honed and crafted his own signature style. Reminiscent of when Otis Redding was sittin' on the dock of the bay, Dogwood tells the story of the common man's quest to overcome the daily struggles of the world today while bringing to life a candid reality through song. The first two singles "Fly Away" and "Where U From", which have already been gaining notoriety through local airwaves and fans alike,is the first step in the experience that is...Dogwood Speaks. Cadillac Land. Come take a ride.


Fly Away

Written By: D.Matthes, G.Lewis

Fly Away
I just wanna fly away
I just wanna fly away, fly away, fly-ee-y-ee-y-away-ee-ay-ee-ay
I just wanna fly away to a higher place
somebody can you help me please
I'm kinda down on my luck and I find myself down on my knees
I just wanna reach up to the sky
Spread my wings out and fly
Can I get away, can I get away, can I get away-ee-ay-ee-ay
Well my girl just left and I lost my job now I'm out here on my own
Runnin round these streets with nowhere to go and no place to call my home
I just need a little help can somebody lend me a hand
I hope you hear me from up in the sky when I pray I wanna
Every day I wake up and I see the sun is shinin
So I'm stuck out on these streets doin my thing I keep on grindin
I pray that you gon' make it straight
Take me to a better place
Let me fly away up in the sky
When I die I wanna
Can I get away
Can I fly away
(repeat till end)

Set List

Back Seat
One Day at a Time
Tell Me Why
With You
Every Time
Fly Away
Is This the End
Where U From
Sugar Honey