no two people listen to dogzuki and hear the same thing.. one thing is for certain, dogzuki have a style all of thier own and are a kick arse guitar band that will leave you salvating for more!


dogzuki stared off fresh faced back in pembs west wales in 2000, having spent the past few years touring the country gaining airplay on radio1, xfm and many of the local stations,and with a few tv soundtracks under thier belt.. dogzuki decided that london was the place to be and relocated to south london, where they recorded and released thier debut album (mind the gap) and intend to bombard the capital with live performances...
dogzuki's music is original. everyone who listens hears different influences, no two people seem to hear the same thing, this combined with a very good image and tight interaction... make dogzuki a band to watch out for...


dead again 2003(single) label:complete control distributer: pinacle
mind the gap 2007(album) label: cultjam distributer: pinacle

Set List

anywhere up to 90 mins consisting of all our own material