BRIAN BAGGETT WILL BE FEATURED IN GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE IN MARCH 2006! DOJO is original composed and improvised music performed by three very talented musicians. You will not find a better instrumental, fusion jamband. Brian Baggett's guitar style has been compared to Allan Holdsworth.


DOJO is a place for three gifted musicians to play at the top of their game. The group holds nothing back and goes for it all the time...every time. The groups compositions feature a complex harmonic structure which is usually then improvised over. DOJO does not do your typical one chord or two chord jamband thing but instead conquers complex chord progressions with blazing improvisations. Watching these musicians play is a true treat for anyone. DOJO was founded by Kansas City jazz guitarist Brian Baggett. Brian wanted an outlet for his original compostions and a new legato guitar style he was developing ala Allan Holdsworth. The result is a loud yet sophisticated sound that appeals to many yet defies category. The spiritual side of DOJO takes the group into growing as people, improvisors and members of a bigger picture through music. the meaning of the word dojo is the place of the way. The way of life and spirit.


DOJO Place of the Way, DOJO Live at the Jazzhaus

Set List

The DOJO setlist is too long to list. The trio has several hours of original music to play.