Doko Benjo

Doko Benjo


a funky rock band that is based around tight rhythms and creative songwriting.


Doko Benjo was formed by a group of friends on chilly night in November of 2004. From the get go their infectious funky rock grooves impressed fans and critics alike. They have played such venues as House of Blues, The Metro, Double Door, and many festival gigs throughout the midwest.

After releasing several EP's, they released their first full length LP in the summer of 2008. It is commonly known as the self titled album "Doko Benjo". The songs go beyond the standard 4/4 pop/ rock/funk formula, incorporating more challenging and interesting musical ideas yet remain aurally accessible to an everyday listener.


Doko Benjo - Kitty Litter
Doko Benjo - self titled

Set List

can play up to 3 hour sets.
Mostly originals, but throw in a cover every once in a while