Dolbro Dan

Dolbro Dan


Infectious originals with a retro 60s folk vibe that is fresh and exciting to audiences young and old. With up-tempo rhythms, engaging harmonica, heartfelt sentiments and a wry turn-of-phrase this artist has a strong contemporary appeal with a nostalgic sound reminiscent of early Bob Dylan.


When I was 17 I got a guitar and played punk rock with friends from school. To our surprise we never signed to Epitaph. After we split I started busking and learning Bob Dylan songs for something to do. Before long I was singin’ homemade music and recording it all as a Diy anti-folk album aptly called Dolbro Dan: Singin' Homemade Music.

My fan demographic is a strange one: half of them are 50+ who like the early Dylan vibes; the other half are punks and weirdos who know something’s happening but they don’t know what it is. Still, they like it anyway. These days I’m basking in minor cult status with my (local) award winning album. The next album will be more of the same - better recorded with more angst. Maybe I'll put out a 7” or two if I can hussle up some funding...!


When Bob was still a boy

Written By: Dolbro Dan

Back before our folks were born when microphones were basic When there was only analogue, no digital replacement The phonograph was all we had to play music on It's funny now we walk around with an Ipod full of songs

When making a recording it was all done on the spot You had to get it right first time, one take was all you got And though it wasn't perfect at least it was sincere I miss the muddy water now the river runs so clear

The demise of private enterprise wreaked havoc in my town Since the corporate record store forced the others to close down Now everywhere is nowhere and the roads all look the same But no-one seems to notice and shareholders don't complain

Not long ago tobacco was thought to be okay Giving all the jazz bars a real, authentic haze Now people run for cover when I ask 'em for a light You know, I recon soon all smokers will be shot on sight

There's changes in the ocean, there's changes in the sea There's people keeping charts of nautical cartography They've done it for a long while, there's libraries of archives Still it keeps on changing as millennia go by

Some ask ‘What's with the accent? You sound like a hillbilly’ Don't you know that's my intention, I do that deliberately I've found it's where my heart is, no parody or ploy I just pretend I'm singing back when Bob was still a boy

Bat Country

Written By: Dolbro Dan

Riding through the desert singin’ this twisted song
With so much stuff hiding in my trunk
It doesn’t matter which side of the road I’m on
I’m a slave to the craving, I’ve got it bad
No-one can save me, now I know
I really should have listened to Mum and Dad

My body is breaking, my heart is aching
But my mind long ago gave up complaining
And it’s only a matter of time before I’m
Lost forever in Bat Country, the kinda place I never thot I’d be
Walls closing in on me, fighting back devils you can’t see

All the health warnings I keep ignoring soon I’ll be living proof
Every morning, ugly story, clinging on to lie instead of the truth
And I swear if I ever make it outta here I’ll change my ways
But as I stare in the mirror my reflection smiles and says
‘You know, I wasn’t born yesterday’

I don’t dare pay the bill come check out time
I must have lost my wallet when I lost my mind
The same excuse I always use cause I’m
Lost forever in Bat Country, the kinda place I never thot I’d be
Last opportunity to try and reclaim a little sanity
Can’t see the wood or even the trees for all these horrific memories
Oh Lord won’t you please save me from Bat Country

Well since I bought the ticket, guess I’ll take the ride
I wonder what it’s like on the other side
One more for the road I Fear and Loath
Leading all the way to Bat Country
Bat Country, Bat Country, Bat Country

Silver Clouds

Written By: Dolbro Dan

I sold my soul at the crossroads last night
I wonder can you even tell
I’m supposed to be sharp, I supposed to be tight
I’m supposed to wind up in hell
Maybe the Devil took pity on me
Maybe God stood in his way
But the reason I’m here is to tell you, my dear
Some clouds are silver not grey

My boots were once new now the soles have worn through
And they talk with each step I take
It sure ain’t too funny when your stomach grumbles
And the guy next to you orders steak
Maybe if I told him I’m a long, lost cousin
I could convince him to pay
But while I’m still here allow me to make clear
Some clouds are silver not grey

Well I met a soldier just home from the war
He told me there’s new vacancies
For people like you, patriotic and true
Liberating them oil companies
Maybe we’ll evolve above and beyond
Then look back with pity someday
Still it’s easy to find when it’s clear in your mind
Some clouds are silver not grey
Yeah some clouds are silver not grey


When Bob was still a Boy (3 track promo Cd - AUG07)

Dolbro Dan: Singin’ Homemade Music (12 track album - OCT07)

Silver Clouds (3 track promo Cd - JAN08)

Kilfedder Memorial Bursary Award 2008
Larne Buskfest 2007: 1st Prize
Alternative Ulster (#40) Featured Demo Review
Ards Guitar Festival 2006 singer/songwriter contest: Runner up

BBC Radio Ulster: Across The Line, Gerry Anderson, Stuart Bailie
Radio U105: Interview and live performance (April 07 and October 07)

NVTV Belfast: Kick Out the Jams (Live performance - October 07)

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Ballad of Hollis Brown – Bob Dylan cover

Catch the Wind – Donovan cover

Set List

A typical set (between 30 - 90mins) is made up of original songs complemented by a repertoire of covers.

(Album tracks)
Silver Clouds
Morning Train
Public Nuisance Blues
Bat Country
When Bob was still a boy
Cold Shoulder Blues
A Three Chord Song
Dolbro Dan's Lament
A Song for Jane & John
Four Leaf Loser
Let the Dead bury the Dead
Mother Dear

(New Songs)
Performing Rites
Quit While You’re Ahead
Staring at the Floor
Gitmo Stomp
Where is my loved one?

(Bob Dylan covers)
Shelter from the Storm
Girl from the North Country
Desolation Row
Highway 51
Honey just allow me one more chance
Ballad of Hollis Brown
One too many Mornings
Like a Rolling Stone
Don’t think twice it’s alright
Mr. Tambourine Man
A Hard Rain’s a-gonna fall

Moonshiner (trad)
Man of Constant Sorrow (trad)
House of the Rising Sun (trad)
Please don’t talk about me when I’m gone (trad)

Catch the Wind (Donovan)
To Sing for You (Donovan)
Ballad of Geraldene