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The best kept secret in music


"Dolce's Sweet Deal"

Two years ago, dance diva Dolce scored two No. 2 hits on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart with "Fire" and "Sorrow." Both singles were released on Tommy Boy.

Now, the one-named singer is gearing up for the next phase of her career. Dolce has signed with Baltimore-based Act 2 Records. The deal includes two singles, with an album option.

In a major twist for an independent label, Act 2 is investing in Dolce. Money has been budgeted for photo shoots and clothing. And the label is taking her to Miami in March for the annual Winter Music Conference.

"Why sign an artist that you're not going to nurture and develop?" Act 2 president Ron Hirsch asks. "We're like a boutique label. So, instead of signing five artists, we prefer to sign a couple. That way, each artist receives our undivided attention."

Hirsch views Act 2 as a conduit to get artists to the next level. "We are that happy area where the label and artist can make money."

The first single in the Dolce agreement, "Feels Good," is due Feb. 17; it was produced by Orange Factory, which has remixed tracks for Britney Spears, Annie Lennox and others.

"For us, it was a no brainer," Hirsch says, referring to Dolce's signing. "She comes to us with success on Billboard charts and a following. She has the voice, the looks and the personality- a complete package. We are fortunate to have her." - Billboard Magazine

"Dolce, "Feels Good", Review"

After topping the dance charts with "Fire" and "Sorrow", Dolce has found herself a new home with Act 2 Records. The latest single from this up and coming vocal powerhouse was produced by Jeremy Skaller. Rober LaRow and Ellis Miah. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of love, this single showcases some of the happier uncertainties of being in a new relationship. It is a great package with a soulful mix from Terry Hunter, a commercial dance music mix from Orange Factory and a diva mix from Outstanding productions. My favorite of the bunch is the Outstanding remix as it captures energy in the songn I didn't even know was there. It's dirty synth lines and driving kick drum command attention while the strings in the breakdwon are very warm and emotional. By the looks on their faces, this song definately makes my crowd feel good. - DJ TImes


Fire (Tommy Boy Silver Records)
Sorrow (Tommy Boy Silver Records)
It Feels Good (Act 2 Records)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Baltimore, Maryland- ACT 2 Records has signed an exclusive recording agreement with Billboard charting recording artist, Dolce. As the songstress behind 2002’s club staple “Fire”, and the smash anthem “Sorrow”, former Tommy Boy Silver recording artist, Dolce, proved her destiny with dance music by hitting No. 2 on the Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play Chart with both singles. On Billboard’s CD Single Sales Chart, “Sorrow” spread like wildfire to No. 1.

Dolce’s first single on Act 2 Records, “It Feels Good,” due for release mid March, was produced by the Orange Factory, whose production credits include Kristine W., Tina Ann and Suzanne Palmer. They have remixed tracks for Britney Spears, Blue Cantrell and Kylie Minogue.

Michael Paoletta of Billboard Magazine featured Dolce in his “beat box” column on February 7th, 2004. He wrote, “Dolce is gearing up for the next phase of her career.”

When Ron Hirsch of Act 2 Records heard the strikingly beautiful artist’s voice, he wanted to sign her immediately. “For us it was a no brainer,” Hirsch says, referring to Dolce’s signing. ”She has the voice, the looks and the personality-a complete package. We are fortunate to have her.”

Dolce describes her music as, “Funky, bangin’ and soulful”. With a background in gospel music, Dolce built a strong reputation for herself as a sought after session singer with credits including projects with producers Touch of Jazz (of Jill Scott fame), RCA Records and Gospel America.

“From what I can see, no one man is an island. You need strong, secure people around you,” Dolce says. “Good music and smart business make it work.”

Dolce first performed her single, “Fire”, for world renowned DJ, Junior Vasquez, at Exit nightclub in New York. Junior spun the track several times a night, making her a legend amongst club goers.

Whether you call her sweet Dolce or the Princess of Dance Music, her vocal skills will surely prompt you to bow down in acknowledgement of her royalty.

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