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Umeå, Västerbotten, Sweden | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE | AFTRA

Umeå, Västerbotten, Sweden | INDIE | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Pop Folk




"Pigeons and Planes Inez Palema review"

As experimentation in music reaches an all-time high, it’s refreshing to hear songs that excel because of their simplicity. Swedish duo Dolce achieves just this on their new single “Inez Palema.” The song is void of complex or extensive production, but it doesn’t need it. Instead, it’s Anna Levander’s smoky, nostalgia-tinged voice that carries the track. Dolce is currently readying their new EP, due out this spring, but in the meantime get hooked on “Inez Palema.” - Pigeons and Planes

"NME review of Inez Palema"

”Dolce offer up something unique and compelling” - NME

"Noisey review of Hand i Hand"

Autumn is approaching, which, for most people, means that warm days with cold wine in the park are long gone. Instead, the battle against delayed public transport and bone fractures has arrived upon us. Then, before the Nordic darkness completely puts the lid on us, Swedish duo Dolce delivers a last sigh of summer with “Hand i hand.”

This is a beautiful sun-glittering track, taking a tone of Beach House, Velvet Underground, sprinkled on top with a voice that brings your thoughts to Monica Zetterlund. It makes you day dream of sniffing a sunburned neck with fiddling fingertips over warm summer skin; and about all the evenings you’ve spent smoking and drinking whatever accessible, only because the sun never seemed to settle; about sleeping between wrinkly sheets in someone’s arms; of getting up, rolling a smoke, drinking juice straight from the carton, and go straight back to bed. Anna Levander’s soft and smokey voice will take you to these kind of situations. “Hand i Hand” will be released via Nomethod on October 19. An EP is expected later this year. In the meantime, why don’t you put this on loop right here and relax. - Noisey


2014 Hand i Hand (single)
2014 Inez Palema (single)
2015 090 / Enslig tid (single)
2015 Grรถna Hรถjder EP



It´s almost like Beach House and Swedish jazzlegend Monica Zetterlund met up in Twin Peaks to make music together. Both accoustic and electronic elements combined with Anna Levander´s fantastic voice makes this one of the most interesting debuts of 2015. Dolce are the two friends Anna Levander and Leopold Nilsson from northern Sweden. They´re one of those acts that don´t need much introduction, you have to hear Anna´s voice and the delicate music for yourself. Dolce started releasing singles in 2015 and tracks like ”Hand i hand” and ”Inez Palema” quickly found an audience. Within 6 months they had praise from places like NME, Noisey and Pigeons & Planes. Now it´s finally time for Dolce´s debut EP ”Gröna Höjder”. It is a collection of their released singles plus a brand new song, probably their strongest to date, ”Gröna Höjder”. The track highlights Anna Levanders amazing voice and their strength as songwriters. Dolce are looking at a bright future.

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