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"'Soles of our Shoes' Review"

In July, Oklahoma City duo Steve and Laura (Wilhite) Franklin, a.k.a. Dolce, proudly released their first studio album entitled, Soles of our Shoes. The result is a wonderfully entertaining piece of musical art. Both band members are very well studied musicians (Laura began studying classic violin at age four and piano at eleven) and the result is a smart and moving music and lyrics. The band self describes their music as Modern Folk/Rock and sports an impressive coast to coast tour schedule during which ‘Soles of our Shoes’ received rave reviews.

This self produced album is packed full of interesting musical arrangements and well blended harmonies. The singing songwriting duo delivers powerful poetic lyrics reflecting on a myriad of real life subjects. The music has catchy rhythms and a very calming effect on the listener. Both members contribute vocals, guitar and piano to the album, and Laura plays her sweet violin on one track and an accordion on another. Steve plays bass on all of the tracks, and banjo and mandolin on “Cares.” They are accompanied by Josh Center on drums and percussion on this CD, which will be a welcome addition to any folk collection or someone simply looking for an easy listening pleasure. To learn more about Dolce, listen to a sample of their music, or to buy a copy of Soles of our Shoes, visit their Web site at
- The Current

"Dolce Album Review"

After a somewhat ill-fated month in Mexico, I vowed to not listen to hardcore or even remotely "loud" music for awhile. Luckily, our pop editor handed me this local release. Formed of the efforts of Steve and Laura (Wilhite) Franklin, Dolce's "Soles of Our Shoes" is a little local gem. Leaping from the whimsical "Cares" to the sweet "Painting by Numbers" and a folksy, violin -- er, fiddle-heavy -- "Watch Out," the record is seriously all over the place. With vocals as smooth as churned butter, it is no wonder the Franklins are consistently booked up. Fresh from the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival, see Dolce July 28 at The Mantle in Bricktown. Visit for more information. - The Norman Transcript

"Sweet Sounds"

“dol-ce, adv. & adj. In a gentle and sweet manner. Used chiefly as a direction.”

Dolce is certainly an appropriate name for the recently wedded Oklahoma City singers who couple their cooing vocals and playful, folkie guitars.

Steve Franklin and Laura Wilhite recently released their debut LP as Dolce, “Soles of our Shoes,” and are touring in support of it.

“Someone asked me how it is traveling with your spouse,” Wilhite said. “When it’s your spouse, you know there are times that you will not agree and times you will not get along, but you expect that and you move on.”

The couple slit the writing duties for the album, which originally began as two solo projects that were merged into one band. They’d both been playing together for years, including a three-year stint with the band Hurricane Jane. Dolce served as a chance for each to merge Wilhite’s softer, more folkie sounds with Franklin’s more pop-structured tendencies.

“We had different visions and worked those two visions into one, bringing it all together into this poppy, acoustic, Americana sound,” Franklin said.

The bandmates will be playing a flurry of dates in Oklahoma including two gigs at The Mantel, one on Friday and the other of July 28, before they head back out on the road.

They seem confident in their roles within the group, and although every tour has its bumps, they insist they are more comfortable touring with their spouse---partially because they know it’s a bit more complicated to quit this group.

“We write songs individually,” Wilhite said of the process. “The arrangements we do together---when we do the arrangements together---the songs feel more complete.”

“She brings a million instruments,” Franklin laughed. “She plays
guitar, piano, viola, violin, some mandolin---I’m sure I’m leaving out a few instruments. We write these simple songs and she brings so much to fill them out.”

They’ve both released albums independently and one when they were with Hurricane Jane, so they are familiar with the game of recording. They’ve received some feedback from people on the road, but look forward to hearing the reactions from their hometown.

“You work on an album and focus and focus, and then you have the product that can no longer be changed,” Wilhite said. “It’s like a child and you have to let it go and do its thing.”

Their goals are modest at this point and are just enjoying the chance to play together. They’re hitting festivals this summer including July’s Diversafest in Tulsa and the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival in Okemah, and are playing in towns across the country.

“I just dream about being able to manage our musical affairs and being able to travel around and that is how we make our living,” Franklin said. “It may not be very ambitious, but that’s my dream.”

- Oklahoma Gazette


Dolce---Newest Release coming in Spring 2008
Dolce 'Soles of our Shoes' LP 2006
Steve Franklin 'Home' EP 2005
Laura Wilhite 'Internal Sunshine' EP 2005



Husband and wife duo, Steve and Laura Franklin have been creating music together for the past seven years. They met in their former pop-rock band, Hurricane Jane. They spent three years traveling regionally and released a full length album.

Following Hurricane Jane, Steve and Laura experimented with various styles of music. ‘Dolce’ was formed from a common love of acoustic music. At the beginning of 2006, Steve and Laura got married, released their first album with ‘Dolce’, and began a nation-wide tour. The duo traveled from coast to coast for the next year playing in venues such as The Bitter End (NYC), Genghis Cohen (Los Angeles), Uncommon Ground (Chicago) and Oklahoma’s own Woody Guthrie Folk Festival (Okemah).

The start of 2008 brings a new album, set to release in March as well as many exciting shows to celebrate.

For more information on ‘Dolce’ visit: Steve: