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"Northeast Performer"

Eric Brandoli -
Produced and Recorded by Eric
Brandoli for
Brotherman Productions

Eric Brandoli loves his Funk. And on his new self-titled release,
guitarist/bassist/keyboardist/songwriter Brandoli invites all
like-minded music fans to join in on the joy, groove and
thoughtfulness offered up on this laudable effort. Brandoli is a
sincere, meditative, introspective artist. Although a fine guitarist,
singer and piano player, Brandoli shines brightest on the electric
bass. He's a little bit Jaco, a little bit Anthony Jackson, and a lot
himself. If there is a superior bass player in this genre within the
bounds of New England, let them stand up now and be counted.
Not just a technical wizard, Brandoli‚s playing is poetic and
distinct. Placing humility above ego, he wisely shuns the
common urge to overplay. Like the great Louis Armstrong,
Brandoli is a minimalist, but the few notes he chooses, pack
enormous punch and poignancy. The opening track, “Kinda Love”
is a funk-fest with a see-saw melody that keeps the listener off
balance and clinging like a roller coaster ride at Coney Island.
From the “Don't Take Me Alive-esqe” guitar solo (wonderfully
played by John Kasiewics) on “You Got Me” to the inspirational
rap on “Soul Check” Brandoli illustrates that he's not a one-trick
musical pony. Throughout this entire project, Brandoli digs deep,
excavating the best from his band, his muse and his spirit. This
artist, however, is not all things. At this early stage, Brandoli
must write stronger, more memorable hooks and melodies. But
like splitting the atom, Brandoli, through his diligence,
persistence and love, will one day soon discover the key to
releasing the wildly spinning compounds and particles that make
up the profound composer that is recessed within his young
musical nucleus. And when he does, the repercussions will be
felt far and wide.
- Reviewer -Michael Khouri

"The Valley Advocate"

East Longmeadow funkmeister Eric Brandoli knows this. And after
years of attaining notoriety with the seven-piece outfit Brotherman,
he decided to pare things down considerably for his first solo studio

In fact, aside from his brother, man, Eric played all the instruments
and engineered and recorded his impressive self-titled debut.

"Back with Brotherman, I had this great group of guys from UMass,"
Brandoli says. "But they have all kind of grown up and spread out, so
it was tough to get them together or pay them all. I have grown up
with music and play a few instruments, and I also spent the last
year like a hermit in my basement learning the Roland 1680, so I
figured I'd give it a try."

Considering that Brandoli can sing and play bass, guitar and
keyboards, it's not surprising that his attempt was highly successful.
From the opening swagger of "Kinda Love" to the menacing bass
lines on "Piece of Mind," the former
soldier/housepainter/landscaper/cook/firefighter proves he still knows
his grooves. And that, among all those backslashes, the word
"musician" should always be included. - By Gary Carra


Doli-Fi four song demo 2004
Eric Brandoli's Solo CD


Feeling a bit camera shy



The name of our band is Doli-Fi. We are an accomplished group of musicians from Western Massachusetts. The core group is a power trio that includes guitar, bass and drums. The music we play can be categorized as: Funk Rock with touches of Blues, Soul and R&B. Our set list consists of original grooves that are upbeat and danceable. Our influences include artists such as Stevie Wonder, Maroon 5, Incubus, 311, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and local groups such as Groovis Malt, F.N.B. and Kya.

Doli-Fi is a derivative of the group Brotherman, a seven-piece funk band that became a mainstay on the New England college circuit, especially in and around U-Mass, Amherst. Both past and present bands have a front man in common,
“Eric Brandoli”. He is the lead singer, bassist and main songwriter for the group.