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"dollah jones - chasing the dream"

Hip-hop is overrun with cookie-cutter artists who lack originality. But Detroit native, Derrick “Dollah” Jones, who has talked the talk and walked the walk since the age of 14, displays all the makings of a true hip-hop star. With his funky off-the-cuff wordplay, confident swagger, and energetic stage show, it is only a matter of time before his proverbial starship arrives to catapult his career into superstar status.

“I create new stuff [and] I try to be different,” Jones explains. “If everybody’s going right, [then] I’m the one that tries to go left.”

Jones began his career as a gospel rapper, so he faced some resistance when he decided to go the secular route. “At first the people at my church, [and] my mom, [were] on my head about it,” he recalls. “But once they started hearing my music and realizing it wasn’t all crazy, and hard-core, and thuggish, they accepted it more.”

The switch has proven to be a major catalyst for his rapidly advancing career. Jones is looking forward to the release of his debut album, A Dollah and a Dream, in the first quarter of 2008. –janaya black

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- Rolling Out Magazine

"UBL Featured Artists (DOLLAH JONES)"


(Source: Media Metrix - September,

Dollah Jones is one of the featured Artists on the homepage of ARTIST direct the week of Oct. 28, 2007.

Dollah Jones stepped in the game to take what's rightfully his, from your title, to your money and even your girl, if you're not careful... (read more) -

"Reviews and Rewards For "Get Down""

Rank -
Active contest: #93 of 430 in Hip Hop
All-time: #496 of 5,685 in Hip Hop
Best #77 of 712 on 17Aug2007

Awards -
Track of the Day on 3Aug2007 in Hip Hop
#8 Best Dance Track in Hip Hop, all-time
Best Female Vocals in Hip Hop, week of 9Jul2007
Best Female Vocals in Hip Hop, week of 20Aug2007
Rocking Track in Hip Hop, week of 20Aug2007
Best Dance Track in Hip Hop, week of 27Aug2007


1.) Wouldn't Change A Thing
The Performance is excellent. Rhythm, flow, and playing off each other. Male and female flow well.
The Melody is something that could keep a crowd bouncin all night. Tight.
The Production is simple and complex. Yes, I meant that. Easy to follow but with something extra. Nice work.
Reviewed by: Skinny_Vinny from Canada

2.) right off bat you know you hearin quality production
shorty on the hook is on point.
hook is catchy.
beat is nice.
dude flow is on point with this one.
nothin to complain about here, this is somin i'll listen to again cuz i cant stop noddin.
good shit. stay grindin muzik
Reviewed by: shell_slugger from Chicago, Illinois

3.) Review
I like the feel of the openning of the song. It makes you just feel like you are going to be listening to something interesting and new.

The first verse was really good. It had a strong flow and I thought word play was on point but because it was so good, it made the second verse seem weak so i would look at lyrically taking the second verse to the next level. Also, the third verse wasn't as lyrically fulfilling but the way it was performed made it hot. It had a great feel to it which brought the song back to being a hot ass track.

The chorus fit the song very well and I liked both male and female voices on it.

Overall, I was feelin the track, it was a B+ from a production standpoint, an A with performance, and most definitely an A with melody. I would just look at doing something to make the second verse better.
- SkyK from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 27Aug2007

4.) This song is fire
I really love the hook and melody of the song. This is really fresh and new. this can blow up and really be a hit.
- BARSmuzik from Fairfield, California on 25Aug2007

5.) Too Ill
Ill vocals goddamn! This track is so hot! Goddamn nice production and vocals. Beat is way funny but way danceable. Love the hook.
- IIKanji from Boulder, Colorado on 25Aug2007

6.) yeah
the hook off the top is a good choice cuz it pulls you into the song right away. typical club track but it's on par with avg club track you hear in the club so it does it's job. I like the mc's voice. kinda raspy. the beat is great for the track and opens nicely for the mc's verses.
- sketchbros from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on 22Aug2007

7.) Sweet Hook
Vocals are sick. Female vox are sexy and smooth with great tone. The male vox are unique which definitely helps create separation between you and your peers. Mix feels light but it's very clear and keeps ya head bobbin'. Nice groove.
- Born_Mosel from Boone, North Carolina on 17Aug2007

8.) Wouldn't Change A Thing
The Performance is excellent. Rhythm, flow, and playing off each other. Male and female flow well.
The Melody is something that could keep a crowd bouncin all night. Tight.
The Production is simple and complex. Yes, I meant that. Easy to follow but with something extra. Nice work.
- Skinny_Vinny from Canada on 15Aug2007

9.) PS
first thing first..this song from the jump sounds like a hit..i like the hot alot the shawty killed the vocals though im lovin dat and dude flow to it was hot overall this is a hot song
- PaperSoldiers from Charlottesville, Virginia on 8Jul2007

10.) Hot
Hot song dope delivery by the artist.Very destinctive voice sounds like bangger. The hook is catchy enough for the radio. Push it!!!
- suaveduave05 from Louisville "the Home Of Th, Kentucky on 11Aug2007

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"Review and Rewads for "CHECK MY FLIP""

Rank -
Active contest: #62 of 233 in Rap
All-time: #710 of 4,110 in Rap
Best #49 of 305 on 7Oct2007

Awards -
Track of the Day on 16Sep2007 in Rap
#17 Best Drums in Rap, all-time
Best Male Vocals in Rap, week of 24Sep2007
Best Drums in Rap, week of 27Aug2007
Best Drums in Rap, week of 24Sep2007
Best Drums in Rap, week of 8Oct2007
Best Bass in Rap, week of 3Sep2007
Best Bass in Rap, week of 24Sep2007
Best Keyboards in Rap, week of 24Sep2007
Best Programming in Rap, week of 1Oct2007
Best Production in Rap, week of 1Oct2007
Best Melody in Rap, week of 27Aug2007
Best Melody in Rap, week of 24Sep2007
Best Beat in Rap, week of 8Oct2007
Best Mood in Rap, week of 17Sep2007
Best Mood in Rap, week of 1Oct2007
Most Original in Rap, week of 27Aug2007

Signature Reviews - "Check My Flip"

1.) Tight Track
This may very well be the dopest track I've heard on garageband. I would definately do a track with this cat. Hook,production, flow, everything was well put together. Trump Talk.
Reviewed by: TrumpTight from Bowling Green, Kentucky

2.) nice southern track
pretty nice hook, the overall performance is good the production is nice and the sound is good. reminds me of lil wayne
- TerryJ from Forest City, Florida on 24Oct2007

3.) cool
the song is tight, i like the voice of the rapper, the beat def has that jeezy feel i like. matter fact the artist is riding this beat real nice. good shit
- JustSkip305 from Carol City, Florida on 14Oct2007

4.) good jam
great production the song sounds very studio treated.

the sound is club rap ...dirty south..
overall performance is good..
good song..has potential
- bobtoast from Jensen Beach, Florida on 7Oct2007

5.) Nextel Song
Sprint should be paying royalties to this company. The sound is needing a bit the production is banging. Nice work.
- idrerobinson from Unspecified on 5Oct2007

6.) Real Talk
This one is all about business. This guy knows this is a HIT this one is original as all you know what. The performance is top notch. The production is hot and the sound is cool and the hook is funny.
- ziplokdotcom from Hudson, New Hampshire on 24Aug2007

7.) playa playa
i know about that, brah. This is a banga and my new official anthem. for all tha playaz pimpin around the world, i want to thank you. This song is what it is.
- BARSmuzik from Fairfield, California on 25Aug2007

8.) Creative Track
Performance was excellent! The hook caught me the most, creative. This is a high percentage start up track, meaning you can take this to a club, open up for someone at a concert, and maybe a hit single. Production was done to perfection, nothing bad at all. Sound was great too with a dirty south feel with the screwed sample for the hook. I can see many peeps bumpin this to da fullest yo.
- bmwy2k3 from Casselberry, Florida on 7Sep2007

9.) phone on my hip hook that won't slip
this is a nice example of someone doing something original....Its got a dark overtone, with a slow, well articulated flow that changes up with a nice quick witted silver tongued spit...this is something i'd listen to drinking a beer and just chillin...real nice
- biped from Rockerville, South Dakota on 12Sep2007

10.) 5 Stars
Amazing! Greatest Song In A Grip! Tight Sounding Track Foe Yo Ears! Buy This 5 Stars
- MrNoName from Cleveland, Ohio on 20Sep2007

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The Dollah Jones Ep
- Get Down- Playing in Major Radio Markets
and various Internet Radio Stations



The future of the hip hop that we've come to know is here. World, this is Dollah Jones. Derrick Dollah Jones is a Detroit native, who has been in the entertainment industry writing, performing and recording since 1998. As an artist he's always been noted as being highly original. With the combination of over 600 live performances, 160 songs written (almost half of which have been recorded) and collaborations with artists such as: Kiearra KiKi Sheard (EMI Gospel), J. Moss (Pajam), Denaun "Kon Artis" Porter (Shady Records), T Baby (Runyon Ave) makes him a connoisseur in the entertainment industry.

This was Dollah's fourth year traveling throughout Metro Detroit Public Schools and Schools across the country to cities like Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, and Indiana, just to name a few in the "EOCSOC" (Embracing Our Community & Saving Our Children) Tour. The School Tour has raised over 70,000 pounds of can-goods for the homeless. Featured on the tour with Dollah are "Kelz" (NO-TYZE Ent.), "RAZ-B" (from B2K), and "Katrina Carson" (Hip Hopera Ent.). Dollah is also currently in the process of creating his own studio production headquarters. There’s no harder working artist in Detroit than Dollah Jones!

The Michigan Chronicle displays him as a "Positive... role model in his modern day community". Right now Dollah has finished up his EP entitled "THE DOLLAH JONES EP" and is set to be released Sept. 4, 2007. He has just dropped his debut single off the EP entitled "GET DOWN". "GET DOWN" is currently playing on a few radio and internet stations. Production work on the EP includes "Lyric" producer/songwriter from Species Entertainment who wrote track #7 on Ray J's album "Raydiation", E-Dot, and J. Drew Sheard from JDS Productions who has produced music for Gospel Sensation KiKi Sheard whose album is currently GOLD, and Doug "Rockboy" Mersier (Rockboy Creations). Dollah's entire album will be released early 2008 entitled "A DOLLAH AND A DREAM". The entire "Dollah" concept was originated in a dream. Later in time, his last name "Jones" was added to give exclusivity.

Dollah Jones is an unsigned artist. He has pre-established goals along with the talent, the image, the hunger, and the drive to compete in today’s market. If originality is the key, then the future of the hip hop that we've come to know is here. World, "THIS IS DOLLAH JONES"..........